Sunday, 3 April 2016

All About Me.

Now what have you done Wonka?  WHY I emplore of you good folks, does it have to be a wrong thing.......but actually you are righter than right!!!

NO WONKA! shouts Owner.  All I was doing was looking at Ruggles.  One of his spots is on the worktop.  NO there are hardly any worktops in the miniscule kitchen and how Owner prepares or cooks in it is a downright cooking miracle.  Anyone else, would have shoved Ruggles in with ME and Bertie and said to get on with it.  NOT SO for Owner.  She is blind to the possibilities of turning a dysfunctional household (need a lie down now.x) into a functional one.  End of and paws up! x
There I am!!! just resting my paws lightly against the poor washing machine to take a better look at Ruggles!  NO nobody liked it and I was whisked back into the dining room pronto.X
In other more exciting news, Owner put her whole strength into moving the heavy as concrete sideboard to rescue a weensy paintbrush, that fell down the back. When she had moved it a few centimetres or so, she fell back saying she was worn out and could not push it any further!  I mean, she had hardly tried!  Then, when she did spy it, she tried to wrestle it out with a wooden spoon (I know.x) and knocked it into the dark and cramped space UNDERNEATH the sideboard. IS THERE ANY GOOD NEWS to this story Wonka? you all ask up nervously.  you recall the time I got myself wedged between the back of the sideboard and the wall.............Owner did rescue me in time!  YES there is good news, because whilst she was poking around she found a catnip ball that I had bashed up and sent into that same dark and cramped space!!  so now I have not ONE but TWO of them to cuddle up to. AH.X
Our final piece of good news up, is that Kevin and Jolan, our faves on the VOCE or VOICE are both through to the wicked grand finale!!!  Boy Georgie has one through, my little Paloma FAILED to have anyone through and Willyam got one.  Casualtee went a bit silly and April foolish for our liking, with Connie and her amour buried up to their necks in sand BUT reviving themselves more or less immediately they were rescued.  Owner clung to it til the end saying things like THAT's STUPID and KFLFRALsdi6349!!
tonight I have no idea what is on and am sending Owner out shortly to capture a newspaper.  Do have a super sundee yourselves folks and try to get some zzzzzzzzz and fun in it! Big Love Wonka X