Wednesday, 27 April 2016


DO YOU MEAN US Wonka?  You are my top and bestest folk but NO I do not mean you, I do not mean Owner's little folk (at skool) I mean folk music.  When Owner finally drifted home yesterdee from her stint with a bunch of angelic five year olds, she ended up AT LAST in the kitchen and dished out our tea......later when she was making hers, she reported that there was a FOLK MUSIC medley thingy on the radio and that Ruggles seemed to be enjoying it.

It's official, Ruggles likes folk music.  Whether he prefers the likes of Joan Armatrading or Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan we cannot say BUT owner says it is clear he was enjoying it.x

There he is! This is from the time that ruggles discovered the radio and sat on it.  There is a mirror on top of the good radio and Ruggles does look in it, and seems shocked by what he sees (according to Owner).  I did say not half as shocking as when you look in the mirror Owner but luckily she didn't hear me above listening to the folk music.X
DID OWNER GET THROUGH HER DAY? you folk all want to know if she needed her pack of tissues or what.  She only needed a tissue to wipe her eyes which were running in the gale force wind whilst out in the playground with the said bunch of five year olds.  And one girl noted they were a pack of 'Frozen' tissues (Let It GOOOO!!).  Owner floated back through the door lugging some essentials with her and I can report up, she did fine.  There is today to get through and I have told her to be good.  What else can I say??X
We cuddled up to Masterchef and loved every windblown minute on the Royal Navy ship HMS Northumberland.  Jane is through, our fave.  End of and cheffing fact up.X
Today we are looking forward to more of the same and if Owner's nerves hold up, then some Enders.  I CANNOT STAND FIL, she droned to me, but as he is just one of many, I said DE RIEN folks.  Now do enjoy your thursdees and it is very nearly Fridee.  Whiskers ahoy! Big Love Wonka X
PS Owner thinks that her big break on the snooker story will not happen. WHY? or POURQUOI PAS I says up to her.  She says she just thinks it will be side lined.  well I still love your snooker story I says to her (it being smack on tea time) and they are the losers! I know how to make Owner feel better, and let's face it folks, my biscuit troughs and treats are paramount! (excellent use of word.X)