Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Day Dreams

Surely not Wonka..... NO not me, I am too busy checking on Bertie and playing paw under the door with Ruggles and leaping around generally to day dream, NO I MEANT OWNER is.

I AM NOT day dreaming Wonka, she tells me up when I gently prodded her up this good morning.  but she is folks! She has day dreamed over breakfast (that is after she has seen to ME and the others) day dreamed over her new advert (for the Life Coaching folks.x) and she has day dreamed over her TO DO list.  I saw her put a tick next to two items that to my mind folks ARE INCOMPLETE.  end of and dreamy facts up. X

There we are folks!! and Owner reckons that in this dream ridden state IDEAS are born.  I know.X
Owner reports she is and I quote 'revving up for tomorrow Wonka!'.  POTOMU KAK? you all shout up at least some of you do if you are rusky Russians OR Weil OR parce que or something very like it.  ME?  I would say why are you revving up Owner and she said, ready for the family reunion tomorrow.  This is her, aged parent AND sibling AND daughter and grandson.  It takes months to organise and is over before you can say fish and chips!!x
In other less dreamy news, we still love crème de la crème and the boys won it from the RAF.  They made a big chocolate thingy and won out with their trifle. In Enders Lou is taking on the mantle of the teenager from hell and all are in her sway. yes.  then Owner insisted on watched Obama from the Whitehouse and is fully up to speed with americy politics. Me? thanks for asking and I am a big fan of his EVEN though he has a dog (not seen) and no sign of any felines. LOTS of famous Americans love us cats so end of.X
Bertie and Ruggles continue to hog the limelight just by doing nothing DE RIEN and I have to put up with it.  Owner pounced on me yesterdee with some frontline INCASE I am sheltering any creatures AS IF!!  in the meantime, have a good daydream or two folks as you never know when they might grow into a fully formed idea!!  Big Love Wonka X