Thursday, 14 April 2016

Happy Birthday to You!

TO WHO Wonka? you all cheep up and say to me.  If it is your birfdee today then you share it with Owner's Aged Parent.

Owner checked with her, on the last Big Day Out, for fish n chips you recall, how old she was. HOW OLD ARE YOU MUM? she quizzed.  Aged parent considered this for a while and said when she was born, which is a good start for working our how old you are.  Then there was another pause of about five mins.  WHAT YEAR IS IT pursued Owner (nice use of word.X). and blow me down if Aged Parent didn't remember it straight off. Twenty Sixteen! Owner has put her out of her misery that she wasn't in, and warned her she will be Eighty Five. yes.  And, get this, Owner has even put in a request with that Christophe Evans on the good Radio 2, to give her Mum a shout out.  End of and birfdee fact up.

There we are!! this is from another birfdee but Owner said to pop it on as it is all Pink (tick) and Pretty (X) and full of light and joy. (Sob.x) Hankies away folks!X
In other enlightening news (I know.x) Owner dragged herself away from the doldrums and a low mood setting (about 4 -5 folks.x) yesterdee and only went a booked a room for her new workshop thing.  BLINKING HECK I says up or something very like that.  she was so proud of herself for doing it, she gave ME and Bertie an extra helping.  I do love it when Owner gets past herself as it is only then I can cash in on more biscuits and more fodder in general. Ruggles is spoilt day and night folks and I do listen up behind the good kitchen door and hear the word 'Angel Cat' and 'rugglestop we love you' all the time.  Jealous? MOI? not a bit of it...x
Finally folks, it did stop raining for a moment or two and whilst Owner is out having a Birfdee tea with the Aged, I can enjoy a well earnt snoop out of the bay.  There is always something happening in the street for me to glare I mean look at, and my beloved seagulls are always at it on the rooftops.  Tonight we will clingfilm to Masterchef and John n Gregg who we luv, and Enders what we don't.  And if you are having a big birfdee then get that fur brushed, put your best purr on and enjoy!!  Big Love Wonka