Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mr Blue Sky

THERE IS NOTHING OR EI MITAAN (eek that is nothing in Finnish and we are sorry if it isn't.x) nicer than to wake up on this good tuesdee morn to a lot of BLUE SKY.

WHAT ELSE THOUGH Wonka? you all moan up fed up already with the treadmill that is your lives.  There is the world championship snooker to wake up for, there is all the drama of our hero Ronnie LOCKING himself into his dressing room after he won his first round match AND not coming out to play with the media.  Owner is all for doing this, and says she could have done with locking herself in a cupboard at any of the local Skools and NOT coming back out until the bell went.  She is not famous though so there is no point in her doing it.  End of and famous fact up.X

There we are!! We do not know if he stayed the night in there or wot and maybe just maybe, the sight of a beauty blue sky and sun up there changed his mind.  WE LOVE HIM, whether he is in a locked room or no. X
In other less dramatic news, Owner returned from the dread Skool looking remarkably calm and cool.  And this continued throughout the good evening folks, with the only drama being the choice of WHAT TO WATCH as good masterchef clashed with good Corrie.  Owner said no one that is PERSONNE would want to hear what she did.  BUT I'll tell you good folks anyway as it was my idea.  We used flicking from channel to channel to good advantage AND catch up.  Enders did not clash with anything except Owner's nerve.  I DON'T CARE she sneered, whether TAM thingy goes to Italy with wotsit! OR if Fil is still off the booze.  Tonight it is Enders again, and I will keep a close eye folks......X
So far in, on this good Mr Blue Sky day, the good agency has failed to ring and unsettle the entire household.  This means Owner will go into a zombie like state with the snooker which is on ALL day. she may do some actual writing and work and she may try to groom Bertie.  HIS FUR needs a good brush out, she tells me.  How she is to brush him, deep in his igloo I know not folks. Me? thanks for asking, ready to pop upstairs to my huge nest that doubles as a resting place for Owner now and then.  The sun is beating in through the poor double glazing and a fresh pilly case for me to avoid laying on too.  Ruggles will be on guard shortly out back, waiting for Yogi, as patient as you like.  do have a blue sky Tuesdee yourselves folks, and if you fancy a lock in, YOU have one!! Big Love Wonka X