Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Star Tuesdee

Wonka here.  What is this you all wonder up, on about a new star??  A new babe has been born into Owner's family.  Yes.  it is third or fourth cousin removed to good daughter BUT this doesn't mean we cannot love her (we are fairly sure it is a girl and if not SORRY boy!) as much as if she (or he) were closer to us.  NO.  What did the new star baby weigh I asked Owner nicely this morn after the usual feeding frenzy had died down.  7lbs and 7 oz she goes back.  Now what this is in that new and complicated kilograms and litres method we cannot say.  Owner is still in feet and inches and barely gets metric at all.  ME?  thanks for asking, well I like a nice centimetre and that and can stretch to some nice mls or litres come to that.  Just don't ask Owner to measure or weigh anything since the revolution.  I love it!.

New star in the heavens para.  Owner is insisting (like this word) on having a cartoon that she did years ago featuring The Star.  It was for a competition that to her knowledge no one looked at and she didn't win it.  again.  What I goes, is the significance (another new word!)? It is from the ancient pack of cards she mumbles on, called The Tarot.  OH I says back, and? (once more in that new and annoying prompting way)  it means the inner peace comes shining through, from a place of trust and hope.  The maiden pours the water into the pool with no fear of going without.  Why is she roaming about with nothing on I had to ask up?  DON'T BE SILLY WONKA Owner goes back to me, this is in keeping with the message of innocence and freedom.  And when I thought about it good folks out there all wondering the same as me, new born babes don't pop out fully clothed either!!!
Here it is!!!  The Star, according to Owner.  There have been many different images of this card down the ages, she droned on (sorry Owner!!), but I like mine the best.  And as a salute to a new born babe so do I!!!  and one of the reasons it stands out to me is of course there is a bird in it, and you know how I do love , how je t'adore le or la oiseau!!! and pardon good folks if my French is a little off the mark.    The bird, droned Owner, is we think an ibis bird. And yes, I love it.
Starry starry para.   Today I have to report that Owner is still off kilter and not well.  Is she resting up? you all want to know.  sort of, and she only needs to take a leaf out of my book (or Bertie's) to see how this is done.  BUT, she will go and do a little job here and a little job there and who am I to stop her??  I mean one of the little jobs was patching up my amazon box which had fallen flat on one side.  GET OUT says Owner SO I CAN FIX IT.  It is now taped up within an inch or centimetre of its life and I love it.  HERE FOLLOWS THE SECOND BIT OF GOOD NEWS for today.  Can you guess what it is?  NO it isn't that.  Owner has sighted, for a brief znth of a second, the new neighbour.  YES!!  Under pressure, she has come up with this description.  (list) 1.  he does not drive as he was dropped off by a mate outside 2.  he was wearing a high viz jacket (possibly I said to cover up that bright blue tea shirt you don't like.) 3.  he sped into the house so fast BUT he is dark haired and young. 4.  Owner has deduced further that he works shifts as the time suggests a 6 am to 2 pm shift.  BLIMEY I says, but I already knew Owner had detective abilities.  The question remains thus:  does Mr High Viz have a family???  Time will tell us.  and yes, we love it!
Final starry eyed para.  today has gone by in a dream, and with an ending.  Owner has finished her beloved book, #thegoldfinch.  She is to take a copy of said book to daughter on Fridee as she cannot bear to lend hers out.  What, you all wonder will she read now??  it is the book she had given for her birfdee, and is about a prisoner of war dog called Judy.  yes there are hankies ready at the side of the bed!  last night we did enjoy Corrie X 2 and Carling black eyebrows wrested the truth from murdering bruv Rob!!  he has admitted that HE DID IT.  will she dub him in or whatever the saying is??we cannot wait for Wednesdees offering.  Tonight it is Enders and we are not keeping up with it plus Stacee seems to have a bigger role than ever and we cannot stand it.  the other big role has gone to Roxee who is marrying the conniving grandson of Dot who thinks evil son Nick is dead and buried when he is alive in the Square.  If we can stand it, we will be glued to Holbee City where all the Doctors and Nurseys need looking at more than the patients.  yes.  So there we good folks out there all perhaps enjoying new things in your lives too.   Rug and Tinkers continue to sit on the back doorstep looking up at Owner as if to say why are we outside?  and tinkers is still extremely tubby.  Could she just be fat I ventured up to Owner, who is feeding her on demand it seems?  I jolly well hope so she says back.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x