Monday, 13 October 2014

Friendly Mundee

Wonka here.  Why I says to Owner are you dusting round that corner where no one sees or goes or does anything in??  IN CASE she says back.  Are we back on to the 'in case' scenario (get me) I says back, and I admit I whispered it from another dark corner that now smells of the lemony horrid anti bacterial anti feline wipe.  I AM PREPARING, she shouts back, FOR MY as far as I know they are not sleeping or eating in a small dark corner, but who am I. yes who am I to gainsay Owner.  I love it.

Friendly are we para.  No there is no work today, but the friends visit may save Owner from sinking fast into gloomygogs setting.  Guess what?  NO that is not it.  Ruggles did one of his sleep overs.  this means that Owner wakes up on the hour every hour wondering if he is like a caged lion attacking the bars and biting them in his urge to escape into the wild.  BUT NO.  when she tripped trapped down below was he sleeping peacefully on the linen box.  The only one who was up and not asleep was you Owner I pointed out once we all really did get up.  And when we did, was Tinkers waiting out in the yard.  We love her.

Friendly cartoons ahoy!   Are they all going out on the razzle you demand to know?  A table is now booked at Owner's fave Italian ristorante!   Good Florios that is, and they will all troop there tomro night.
There it is!!!  Is that Owner's fave waiter in the background you all shout up interested and curious to know?  if it is she is not saying.  I love it.
Friendly and wholesome para.  Before these good friends get here in their own chariot to park up in the busy motorway stroke street, Owner has more to do.  I MUST DO ANOTHER SHOP she announced taking a break from the cleaning and dusting.  Thank the Lord I goes, and even Bertie in his dark Narnia lair must be glad.  He did sit it out yesterdee when Owner got the monster out and nearly took it in the cupboard to meet him, but changed her mind.  Me?  thanks for asking, dashed upstairs to lay on a clean pillycase.  I love it. 
Final friends are us para.  WHAT A HORRID DAY Owner says as she fell back in with (counting) two bags of shopping.  WIND AND TOUCH OF RAIN.  I can't say as I noticed really, not from the depths of my amazon box and Bertie is snug as a bug in the Narnia cupboard and wouldn't know if there was a tycoon out there.  I did say to Owner her hair looked a bit windswept and that was a clue to the windy bit , but she didn't hear me above sorting through all the bags.  it turns out it was like the Russian dolls (sorry Russia) where you take one bag out of a bag to reveal more.  in the end I counted 5 bags.  Owner, I piped up, (like this word) did you really need those two items of clothing?  I don't think she heard me above rushing upstairs to try them on.  I LOVE THIS she shouts down, AND THIS!!  Down she comes to show off and I must say dear folks out there all thinking of the crash of the 80s and that one further back in time where they all went bust on Wall street, well how do you think I feel???  BUT, and this is the saving grace to it all, as keeping pace with Owner's new wardrobe is the vast array of catfood.  There are enough tins for the entire street, pouches to help out the one next to it, and if more stray and starving cats arrive in the back (or in the shed) well we can CATer for them!!  you have to laugh.  I love it.
Real final friendly para.  ARE THEY HERE YET? you all shout up, but no they are still on the A42 or maybe it is the M1 or near to it.  it is now steady rain outside and fairly mouldy in keeping with having a visit.  last night we kept our spirits up with RESULTS.  our fave Simon was in the Dance off with Kristina Rianhof (sorry Kristina we cannot for the life of us get your name right) and looked very black dogish.  He cannot, goes Owner, cope with rejection.  And she should know good folks.  On with the Hex Factor and those irritating blonde sisters went out first followed by a boyband called we forget.  The band with no name has got a name now and we forget that one too.  As Owner was on high anxiety setting we missed ding a ling Downton and may catch up now.   Tonight we hope to see Corrie X 2 as Owner's friend loves it and will Peetah get off or will Carling Black eyebrow's murdering bruv Rob scupper his chances??  Will Jim open another happy hour in the clink?  We hope so!  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x