Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Extra Extra for Tuesdee!!!

At last you say there is a few meagre photoshoots.  Mostly of what happened on the Eurostar to Paris!  At least Owner is calm now and you know that is my priority.  Let that be a lesson to all impatient folk out there.  Give it half a minute and a little simple straightforward action and good things fall into place.

Why you say are we looking at pictures of Owner getting sloshed?  Just to put you in the mood of the trip I would reply.  Me?  safe and snug I was with no inkling of Owner's drinking habits.  Last photo coming up for today then:

Owner said all four of them got on the metro late Fridee night (yes they were well sloshed I would say) rounded a corner off the good metro saying to themselves where is this Eiffel tower and they came round a corner and gasped in awe.  There it was sparkling in the night they thought they were dreaming.

Now just to leave you good folks with a new year's thought or lesson so far in (and it's only Jan 7th).  There is always another way.  Or, said Owner, an alternative path to get what you want.  OOH I said.  and PS Ruggles our alternative stray, is fine and dandy and full up on treble portions.  he loved Owner's daughter and only growled quietly alongside purring.  We love him.x