Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wet Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Damp, cold, slept right in. Owner reports and I quote, a shed load of dreams, some of them alright some of them funny.  what you mean I said?  Veering towards nightmarish says Owner back at me, LIKE? I went on, like going in rooms and looking for people and confrontations with people who were there and heavy duty conversations she goes.   Are you worrying about stuff I said to Owner.  AM I she replies.

Fresh para.  Now maybe some of you good readers stroke reader recall that Owner has been lucky on the job side this week and today was back at it with these small people and holding onto a skipping rope well someone has to do it and I think Owner is perfect for this.  Is your arm holding up I said when she finally stumbled back in with more supplies and several errands done.  SO FAR SO GOOD she reports.  Now for our photoshoot on this blog which as you know has been hampered (like this word as it seems to talk of food which is comforting) yes hampered by whoever is in control of uploading our best photos and sketches.  here we go then: well here we are brought to you with not a little stress as the first go resulted in a long bit of gobbledegook text (another good word there thanks Owner).  WHAT IS IT then you ask?  This folks is Badger, carved lovingly by the very same Dad (Owner's) who did all the others and is now in wood carving heaven stroke the next room.  We love little badger and we love them all the real ones and do not agree with shooting them down.  Badger has his nose stroked just like swan's beak and they also get a nice polish when Owner is in the mood.  the little chappie in the green jumper came out of a Kinder egg and lives next to Badger.  We love him.

Final wet para.  yes it was damp all day and no sign of ruggles.  Where are you Rug?  Owner has topped up all food supplies in the luxury shed and hopes to see him later on.  We wonder if he has found a proper full on home yet.  We love you Rug.  In keeping with this first month of the year we have taken stock.  Do we like 2014?  Owner says she thinks it is alright if not surprising in parts.  Expect the unexpected she predicts.  OOER! Me? thanks for asking and there will be an update on me and my fave toy as long as this good blog lets me upload the photo.  Now last night we managed to get through Enders and that rather annoying storyline where alcoholic beverage stroke teen Lauren who is not pregnant but cannot stop talking to alcoholic and past it stroke no good older man well does he make her get in a car to drive off together!!! Please drive off and don't come back Owner shouted at the telly! we love it.  Tonight we must watch good Corrie and see how newly widowed Roy is to cope now that cancer ridden Hayles has opted for leaving this good wold.  Now do go steady out there folks wherever you are in this World.  Big Love Wonka x