Tuesday, 31 December 2013

******New Year's Eve Tuesdee!******

Wonka here.  do note that our new getting up time has moved forward by at least 2 and a half hours.  We love it!  Today's weather was heartwarmingly warmer but not heartwarmingly sunny.  It did infact rain a tad but are we worried I said to Owner.  NOT TODAY she goes.  yes she dreamt all night about work and things and said did more in the dream than when awake.  OH I said.

Fresh para.  Now without anymore ado here is our new year eve photoshoot which Owner thinks is appropriate (I say!) for the end of 2013 and the new 2014 just around the corner - and Owner says I must say sorry to anyone out there in the Wold who is already in the new Year.  Sorry folks!!
This folks is Owner's impression of a Buddha stroke Zen figure and that is the sign for good fortune which is what we wish each and everyone of you now and into the new year.  We love it.
Final para.  Owner has been out and been brave round the shops which she reports and I quote, were heaving.  Did you get everything I enquired (remembered my new word).  JUST ABOUT she said.  I daren't enquire as to our finances which must be very dwindled as we are stocked up with two tons of cat food (tick), cat litter (tick) real chick (tick) and things that daughter might like when she looks after me while Owner achieves dream (tick).  After being brave round shops Owner went on to be brave at visiting aged sibling and parent.  Do you have to do a double whammy I said, but I may have whispered it from upstairs whilst Owner putting three million pouches of cat food away.  The good news is she wasn't crying or laughing wildly when she stumbled back in.  The good new stroke second hand car with no name was parked up nicely just opposite so this maybe helped.  We still recall the time it was raining hard and the wind at gale force and Owner had to struggle home from streets away due to parking.  I try not to remind Owner too often of this.  Now ruggles like me enjoys chopped up real chick when he arrives at the poor back door.  I observe all of this from my perch on the sideboard, in the warm, and safety of the dining room.  He is yet to appear.  We love him.
Forgot it is not final para as I have not put my resolutions:  1.  go easy on the biscuits.  2.get plenty of rest.  3.  play with my toys more.  4.  Help Owner be cheerful and cope and 5.  Love Ruggles et al.
Owner said hers are: 1.  Less credit and more Debit 2.  get to Sheffield for the championship snooker at the Crucible and meet up with old friend too and 3.  Save up to go to New York
I hope you have enjoyed my little offerings throughout the year and maybe they cheered you up too.  Owner said to mention our pride in the Wonka Stories at Smashwords.com and also our new shop at Etsy.com called of course Wonka and Mousey!!  Tonight you will want to know how me and Owner will see in 2014 - we plan on our usual fare which is Enders and the hospital thing and Owner got high hopes of the babe arriving this time.  In Enders those strange sister Ronnie and foxy are at an impasse (I KNOW!!).  After all of that, Owner may watch the last episodes of beloved Breaking Bad and go into the bongs and chimes of Big Ben with good Tony Blackburn on Radio 2 because........We Love him!!  Please go steady out there in the World wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x