Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Full on Tuesdee

Wonka here.  We got up in a very positive mood and I was hopeful for the rest of the day.  And, it was a proper cold but decent day too.   What I really hoped for folks was for Owner to focus on the goods rather than the bads..Has that happened I said to Owner.  SORT OF she said.

Fresh para to centre on a good.  Owner has work for the rest of the week and a bit of next!  This is an answer to our prayers and means we cannot starve.   This is why it was a full on day with Owner rushing round like a whirling dervish (I don't think they went shopping just exalted dancing) doing a million things and getting on many nerves.  As a suitable break from this fullonish, here follows the last in the series of Wonka's Advent Day 17.  Now don't be afeared folks as there are more advents but they will be proper photoshoots.  you will like them just as much,

Isn't this the grand finale you wanted!! A Ted with a star. He is a real teddy too, we have him somewhere on the mantelpiece.  We love him.

Final para possibly.  So back to the full on day which continued with visits to aged parent and sibling.  Were they fraught Owner I said.  YES she said.  Did you fall out with anyone Owner I said.  NO she said, I managed not to.  And this folks is the Christmas miracle it really is.  When she finally got home and parked up in the car with no name and stumbled in with packloads of food for me, I needed to be fed immediately.  And I was.  The Owner continued on the full on thing with a phone call from the dentist and I cannot call them a good dentist as it is the one which keeps cancelling appointments and is trying what is left of Owner's patience.  She is rebooked and did not want to be.  Did you fall out with them Owner I said.  NEARLY she said.  We all know that dentists have us over a barrel and we cannot fall out with them until the treatment is over.  Which in Owner's case is never.

Real final para.  Ruggles has been yesterdee and it is dustbin day so he will be late for his teatime.  Dinky, the new one has not been sighted and neither has Tinkers but I was asleep mostly so could have missed them.  I have spent a lot of the day cuddling up to my catnip fish I love it so much.  And wait for this, when Owner went funny after the phone call with the poor dentist she goes upstairs and I did follow and when she came back downstairs and noticed I was missing, she goes are you upstairs Wonka, and I did one of my best races down the stairs which made her laugh.  We love it.  Now tonight we must go steady and prepare for the new temporary work tomorrow which Owner will report on.  We will watch Enders and the new storyline building up is around evil Janine and sort of good David who has been chucked out by his ex wife Carol.  Alfie and Cat still rule the Queen Vic which is up for sale by rotter Phil.  Then, there is the hospital thing with new people in it and probably a pre Christmas babe.  We do love it.  Now go steady out there in the wold wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x