Monday, 9 December 2013

Moving on Mundee

Wonka here.  Gone a bit tropical now, so heating is red hot and Owner blissfully warm.  this helped us get up and get on with it.  No sign of Ruggles for his breakfast.  Me?  thanks for asking, I was particularly choosy and would not, indeed REFUSED to eat any of the four pouches on offer.  Are you ill? said Owner.  Because you better not be (quote, and I know it is bad grammar blame Owner.  Of course I'm not ill I daren't be ill).

Fresh para.  Owner set off on a journey to reunite with old and good friend.  Had to treble check everything before set off, and set my nerves on edge rather.  I had settled nicely on my settee and did not need huge kiss on the head.  Now it is Day 9 I think of Wonka's Advent and I forget the other day involved:
It's a rocking horse Christmas Donkey!!  We love donkeys and we follow a donkey sanctuary in Birmingham.  (#Birmingham donkeys)  Guess what, one of the donkeys won hero of the year award too, as he was rescued from a horrid owner.   As usual Owner has printed out what it is in case you did not spot it.
Fresh para.  Now you will be wondering about the heating engineers and the mystery emergency line?  A nice lady rang Owner whilst she was driving so Owner parked up to answer.  WELL DONE Owner I said for parking up.  I never, never look at phones when driving said Owner.  Anyway the nice lady said someone was coming out to look at the boiler but Owner said NO it is fixed.  And wanted reassurance about mystery phone line.  Owner awaits this news.  Upon her return from a successful reunion, Owner reported felt had moved on a bit from the old car her beloved skylark to the new one.  She thinks it has a name but is not telling.  Are you doing a Rumplestiltskin I said?  yes she said.
Fresh and probably final para.  Ruggles has trotted by for his tea and guess what he did last night after having his supper?  Did he roll round in the yard and show off his mammoth tummy.  Onwer has inspected tail stump and says it looks adorable with bits of fluff on it.  I wouldn't go that far.  Now last night did we change our viewing plans.  Owner as per, turned to Channel 5, where there is always a pretty dreadful film on (I think) and what was it?  it was Pearl Harbour folks.  We are now educated as to when this happened, on 7 Dec folks and the rest we know is history.  Well Owner decided to watch all the way through instead of just ten minutes.  Cried every two minutes and loved it.   So catching up with the results was tricky but we made it.  Our faves are all through!  Abi and Ali dancing and Luke with the singing.  Owner got fed up with nice Mr Evans on Radio 2 for poking fun at the singers.  he said they could not sing. Owner says Mr Evans is completely missing the point.  End of.   Tonight we have a royal variety performance and it looks a little like the hex factor reunited from here.  We may touch base with it.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love Wonka x