Sunday, 29 December 2013

Steady Sundee

Wonka here.  After a lot of toss turn turn toss in the night (Owner report.  I slept like a baby) which she puts down to simple straightforward overeating, did she sleep in.  Is it time to get up she said.  It is now I said back and did enjoy a small pounce on the foot before I sped downstairs to inspect my dishes.  Would you believe it a little elf must have been at my saucers!  No wonder I'm starving I said to Owner.  NO YOU ARE NOT she goes.

Fresh para.  now all throughout the season of goodwill (well it wants to be.  we are trying hard at it) does Owner enjoy a small sherry plus lemonade.  of course I have spoken up on behalf of the more sober of us out there, to GO STEADY Owner.  Usually it is just one inch of good sherry fairly well drowned in lemonade plus a pink elephant.  What is that? you say.  photoshoot to follow:
There he is!  one of five you know that Owner keeps in the ice tray and had them for most of her life alright maybe 20 years then.  We love them.
Final para.  Now as you know we are fighting hard in this house to do nothing but it is near on impossible when the telly throws up guns of navarone and ernie and elfie or whatever it was.  How can I make Owner sit down to that I ask you?  we did manage yesterdee with our beloved Michael Jackson who is now in the next room and 'This is IT'.  We loved it and Owner wants MJ music playing at her funeral.  I said for some it will be theirs Owner.  She said shut up and get on with it.  Well we are planning a breaking bad fest tonight that may continue into tomorrow.    as long as I can get Owner to sit still we should be fine.  Ruggles has not been in yet for teatime, and yesterdee did turn his nose up at best ham so Owner got him best and real chick (sorry chick!).  he is kind and loving when fed but gave out a small growl once at the poor back door to get back out.  Owner nearly jumped a mile she said.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are.  It is nearly the end of this year and tomorrow and the next we plan a small garnering up of events and a looking forward.  Big Love Wonka x