Thursday, 19 December 2013

Thrifty Thusdee

Wonka here.  Now we had horrid high wind and rain smashing against the window pane!(poet and I know it!!) but during the night folks it calmed down and this morning Owner reported huge moon dazzling bright in the morning sky along with beauty clear starry sky.  We love the morning sky specially when the big moon is still in the sky along with the rising sun  ooooh.  Have you shut the fridge this time Owner I said before she flung out.  YES she said.

Now Owner has told me I can pick the Advent for today which is Day 19 folks!!
Here it is folks, it is one of Owner's sketches about a story called 'Joe's Christmas'.  And we are hoping that Owner tells this story like the others on    It is about a Mum and her son Joe and how they have the Christmas they wished for.  it is an old fashioned story because that is what we are.  We love it.
Fresh and final para.  yes it is a thrifty day and this is down to Owner not having time to go anywhere near the shops.  9 to fivers cannot spend their munny!  and this means we cannot starve! not this side of Christmas folks.  Owner reports another good day at the office where she is busy temping and learning lots of new things.  Have you remembered who everyone is Owner I said.  YES she goes, and I am trying hard to get the important people's names right.  Do you mean everyone then Owner?  YES because all are equal!  the only worry on the list is whether I have enough food and so far I am cat ered for (my little joke!)   ruggles has been in despite the rain out there and as Owner was returning from stocking up in the delux shed did she spot Tinkers.  and for once Tinkers stayed at the gate til Owner back indoors and then did she or he speed back to the shed.  It is a filthy night out there said Owner and how she parked the car in such a small space with cars at back and front with rain and dark well only the god of parking knows.  Now tonight there is nothing on nothing.  daughter gave Owner the heads up on this earlier but Owner found something and it is 'educatin Yorkshire' which we were glued to this year.  Some teens giving their teachers a hellish time and getting lots of love and help back.  We love it.  not to forget Enders and the continuing twisted plots and murderous doings.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold stroke World wherever you are.  Big love Wonka x