Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Winning Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Managed to get up at first trill of alarm, and not even time to pounce on feet or bite them!  ~~Were we downstairs in a trice and Owner was like a whirling dervish even without a cup of tea (forgot milk yesterdee whilst out buying up half the shops).  I said are you ready for the day Owner and she said YES.

Fresh para and straight onto Wonka's advent which is Day 11.  We are speeding along.
Here we are, it's the Christmas angel and Owner has again made sure you know it!  We love angels and like Abba the immortal wonderful Abba, we believe in them too,
Fresh and maybe final para as Owner in a rush to watch something.  I said slow down Owner!  Now I have had a very nice relaxing day only becoming slightly anxious about my teatime when no sign of Owner and dark outside.  yes, I know Owner must slave away at every given opportunity so we don't starve but I was very glad when I spied her getting out of the new secret name car and returning home.  Someone, and we don't know who but Owner said (and I quote) 'they will get theirs' (bad grammar I know but this is down to Owner not me) has scuffed the back of the car and left a dint in it.  Owner says it was not her, it was someone trying to squash their car in behind hers in a street that is a parking nightmare.  yes.  In keeping with the threes, the second scuff appeared on the heel of the new boots.  Out of the two scuffs the boots are in top place for anxiety issues with the car a close second.  I fear a third scuff and will keep you posted.
This is the final para.  Now due to Owner being, wait for it, time poor (I promise never to say that again) we may not get to catch up with beloved masterchef.  Tom chef was told to leave the other night and our money is now on Scott or Adam if he can start thinking on the spot.  there is no room, said Owner, for not being creative in the kitchen.  Right I said, and what about my teatime!  and Rugglesis.  ~We did get fed of course we did.  Tonight we must be watching Corrie if it is on and all the skewed (I think that is a word) relationships going on and Hayley is of course still dying.  Beyond this folks anything could happen.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x