Friday, 6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela Fridee

Wonka here.  Struggled up into a dark cold morning well Owner did, I fairly got a move on down those stairs.  Owner puts the radio on for good Radio 2 and we hear of Mr Mandela who is now in the next room.  As Owner looked out of the window in the middle of the night (don't ask) she said the stars were dazzling bright and again this morning there was such a bright twinkling star too, it seemed to be lighting up the morning sky.  is that what happens I said when someone extra special passes over?  Owner says he wanted to be remembered for doing his duty and thought he had more than fulfilled that.  Can I just say folks that we are doing our teensy weensy bit and every day I try and cheer Owner up.  I love it.

Fresh para and photoshoot time.  Now we are on the next day of Wonka's advent:
Well here he is Saint Nicholas stroke Santa stroke Father Christmas.  I said to Owner I said, does he look a bit serious?  Owner said it is a serious job bringing gifts to everyone all on the one day.  I can only hope folks that I do get something this year as cannot remember it last year.  I know Owner was stressed but that is nothing outside normal day to day life.  (nearly had to nip under the bed then!)  As I was saying, we are now on Day 6 folks and Owner has been to the shops and says did think of buying some bits for Christmas.  Bits, I questioned, what are bits?  No more clothes or boots have been sighted so must mean food.  Now Ruggles was on the good car seat in the shed this morning and that is the first time since his capture and imprisonment at the vets.  He had a fast breakfast (can you say that?  too late I have said it) and nipped off.  Owner said was pretty chilly out there but how should I know, I was busy finding the hottest radiator.
Final final para.  new car?  running ok?  Owner reports just realised she can get in it and close it by touching  small button on the key.  What like the rest of the street I said (now I am under the bed).  The boot does have a tiny obscure button that you just have to know it is there.  We love it.  Now last night we did watch Enders and The Vic is up for sale, yes, by ex criminal Ronnie who is a female (but is as hard as nails) and Alfie who is a male and soft as you like does he throw a big bust of Queen Victoria through the window of Phil's flat (who is as hard as nails).  We love it.  then in masterchef Michel and Monica ate more food and threw chefs out. 'You are Leaving!' they said.  tonight we are on with corrie and the AFTERMATH of the wedding.  yes. it dunt get tuffer (how we miss John and Greg).  it is the weekend and tmro Owner is off on first Christmas meal out.  We will have a report on this and in the meantime go steady out there in the world wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x