Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve Tuesdee

Wonka here.  The good day before Christmas is here at last and we are lucky.  Why you say?  because the sun came out and that big wind dropped.  More than this, me and Owner are happy bunnies.  Can you say that you say.  YES.

Without any more ado or fresh para talk here is our special Christmas Eve Advent Day 24:
Well here I am on my very first Christmas advent card!  and like the one before it, my bauble and stocking close by.  And the message is for each and everyone of you out there in the Wold.  We love it.
Possibly final para.  Owner has rushed off to work and back again.  I said was it worth you going Owner?  YES IT WAS she goes.  And before you ask, she has stocked up on more tins of cat food in case we run out, over the two days when some of the shops will be closed.  Did she forget anything?  YES.  In the full on effort to remember everything Owner forgot the good dustbin.  It's alright Owner I said, there's plenty of room in there for more rubbish.  Ruggles will have chopped chicken for teatime when he stops off on the good doorstep and looks plaintively up at the glass in the poor back door.  If Owner looks out there once she looks out a million times.  SIT DOWN owner I implore (Oooh a new word).  anyhow, we are both glued to our favourite, that is 'it's a wonderful life' with Jimmy Stewart.  it has good lines in it like (and I quote folks) Youth is wasted on the young or did Oscar Wilde say that.  Also it has Uncle Billy and his pet jackdaw who was a real pet.  Now tonight we will have a sherry and a mince pie ready for Father Christmas who has to drop off my present.  Owner has to have a sherry when she makes the mince pies so I have told her to go steady.  We may watch Enders as it will be even more over the top and then the nice hospital drama where people have life saving operations in seconds.  That baby could yet make an appearance.  Now I always say this and today I say it specially.  Go steady (like Owner) wherever you are in the World. Big Love Wonka x