Saturday, 28 December 2013

Festive Satdee

Wonka here.  Owner said looks like a beauty day out there and so it was.  blustery wind has blustered itself out somewhere else and blue sky and sunny.  did you dream Owner I said.  All night long she goes.  Is that a song I said.  YES she goes, by Lionel Ritchie.  We love him.

Fresh para and a photoshoot of a pressie from daughter to Owner but which as you will note, appertains (ooer) to MOI.

With just a quick flick through Owner already astounded at my intelligence.  things like: does your cat have a routine.  answer? YES.  At bedtime, like Owner I have a sound ritual that will end up with me under the bed.  Not hiding you understand but to snuggle on down.  This does not alter.  Like Owner (who is not listening so it alright to mention this) I do not like change.  No.  I like everything to follow a nice steady pattern.  But, I am adaptable and this is where me and Owner differ (she out of the room) as I can be flexible and say oh has that changed? oh that's alright then I can cope with that.  Now Owner would say OH NO.  But as you know I am here to calm and soothe and make Owner's life bearable.

Final para.  yes I am being strict.  It was a good festive day as daughter and grandson duly (like it like it) arrived were ferried here, fed, watered, played with (presents swapping) and then ferried back. All happy and bright and I had extra attention like what a nice big cat I am. hmmm.  All the merriment has left Owner worn out and needing a lie down but there's no time for that!  Ruggles popped earlydoors and turned nose up at chopped up real ham so had pretend whiskas best pouch instead.  I've told Owner to go easy on the sherry but seeing as I whispered it she may not have heard.  Tonight we wonder what to watch as no soaps and no dancing and no singing.  There is a film on with 2 stars which might turn out to be good.  it might not though.  Now as a back up plan, one of daughter's presents was the final final season of breaking bad and Owner severely tempted to put the world (or Wold) to one side and watch the whole lot straight off.  I'll keep you posted on that one.  Until then, go steady wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x