Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Topping Tuesdee

Wonka here.   Off we go again!  Another new day, another blue sky day well we live in hope alright I am living in hope and Owner is not too far behind me.   For some reason, Owner still not adjusted to the idea of short days, possibly grey and gloomy days and cold weather conditions.   Are you alright I said.  Yes I keep dreaming of shoes she said, and for some reason I dreamt of someone (a celebrity) that I do not like!  blimey.  Owner thinks the shoes thing could mean steps forward, new directions.  I said well have you and she said NO.

Fresh para.   I have as you know my work cut out trying to motivate and inspire Owner on, but I urged her to treat today like it was, well the day to get on with it!  There is no tomorrow I said!  and down to this, Owner struck out and did a little bit of painting (the wall.  it needed going over after last time.  Owner finally caved in as could not stand looking at it a minute longer) did a tiny bit of writing, about me obviously, and then off she went to do vital food shopping and suchlike.

New Para simply to introduce Day 10 of Wonka's Advent:
Well and here he is Teddy Christmas!  He is a miniature royal blue bear and his arms and legs move and that thing round his neck is a pretend precious jewel.  In royal blue to match.  We love him.  Owner thought you might need help working out what it was.............
final para.  Now owner did return laden yes laden with shopping.  I said are you aware Owner that we have no money and may starve.  I actually said this whilst I was lining up for some fresh chicken (we love you chicken!).  Owner said it is alright, and blow me, she has had a shout for some work tomorrow.  THANKS BE.  Otherwise me and Ruggles won't last out.  Now because it is dustbin day Ruggles was not there for breakfast but we expect him for tea.  he popped in for some supper last night but had to rush off as the noise outside startled him.  It was santa and a load of round table elves coming down the street as if it isn't crowded enough with all our cars.   did watch a tiny bit of the variety performance last night and it seemed to be Mr Barlow and a few others.  We did see nice Torville and Dean..  they are legends says Owner.  Now tonight we must get ready for tomorrow for a start off but catch up with our favourites too.  That nice hospital drama and all those relationships dangling in tango in Halifax.  but what really made our day was the Christmas Radio Times!!  that means Christmas is here.  Do go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  big Love Wonka x