Thursday, 26 December 2013

*****Boxin Day thursdee!*****

Wonka here.  yet another good sleep in and up very late.  Nice outside and as some would say the lull before the next storm they all predicting.   Some poor people have been without power I said to Owner.  I KNOW she said.  Now today we have planned to do nothing.  for me, well let's just say I have a little practise under my fur, but for Owner, doing nothing is never on the agenda.

Fresh para.  This doing nothing thing is helped by there being something on the telly.  And this is where we could have been stumped.  I know it is Boxing Day.  So what did Owner do?  First up she does a washing.  Then she says, I don't like my hair (Thought about poppin under the bed but then....) and then luckily daughter did text and remind Owner that her fave film on good channel 5.  What is that you say.  High Society.  And here is a small photoshoot for you folks who may not ever have seen this wonderful film:

Hope you like them!  So it is Grace Kelly with Frank Sinatra and also Bing Crosby and yes that is Celeste Holm and then folks it is Louis Armstrong the one and only.  and that song, well did you evahhhhhh........................~We love it.
Final smallish para.  ruggles not called yet for his teatime and no sign of tinkers or that new one dinky.  Owner has struggled with the doing nothing and the TV has not helped.  We had massive square eyes all last night and could not keep up with it all.  Tonight we will not have this trouble.  NO.  Instead Owner may be forced into doing a list (oh no) looking at hair (please no) watching something dreadful that would not normally watch (out of all options I pick this one).  Tomorrow Owner may be going out for a festive thingy with aged parent so has to psyche up says.  do you have to go Owner I said.  YES she said.  Now ahead of any further poor weather wherever you are in the Wold folks I say to you do go steady.  Big Love Wonka x