Sunday, 15 December 2013

Scarey Sundee

Wonka here.  First off is it a nice day out there.  blue sky gone mild, wind dropped and all in all pleasant.  Owner up late, still going on about weekend and all alright etc.  Luckily I had stocked up before I went to bed on one of my troughs of biscuits aka complete meals.  this doesn't mean I don't want breakfast though Owner!  Are you looking forward to some visitors I said to Owner.  VERY MUCH, she said.  it is my uncle and aunty aka (I like this expression) daughter and grandson.

Fresh para.  and you say what is this scarey Sundee?  Believe me if Owner sees something bordering on going wrong or even worse it is wrong, broken down in a state of change, does full on anxiety kick in.  and it was on this very blog a strange message comes up about browsers.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN, said Owner.  and I called back from under the bed.  I don't know Owner, just follow the instructions.. thought I heard her say 'as clear as mud' but don't quote me on it.  She is not crying.  yet.  Now in case we are in deep trouble and browsers and things gang up to stop my blog here is Wonka's best Advent Day 15:
And it better had publish this as it's my fave.  Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Oh how I love thee Christmas Tree.  some of us first heard this on the Swiss Family Robinson the first time round said Owner.  We love it.
Final para.  Now the visiting went off a treat and to plan.  This is wonderful when it happens and everyone is happy.  Even the lunch went down.  Now it turns out that Owner is behind with the cards.  She is receiving them this is not a problem she simply isn't writing or posting any.  When were you going to do this Owner I said?  SOON she said.  And she added she is fed up with bent cards through the letter box.  Oh, I said.  Now last night we had an exciting night on with semis, and finals and people getting voted off.  Our fave Luke was voted off.  he looked very happy and did not cry.  this is what the winners do said Owner,  Cry.  We have voted for our faves on with the dancing and had a long and intellectual talk to daughter on it.  We have persuaded her that Abi and Ali are world class and a joy to watch.  We love them.  tonight there is more wracking up of emotions (blimey) and Owner will stand by her faves, willing them on.  Me?  thanks for asking.  Well I managed to get Owner to supply me with a saucer of real chicken(love you chicken!) and I did have some extra big cuddles from daughter and grandson.  Ruggles flicked in and flicked out last nights and his little stump is a beaut says Owner.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Me and Owner are praying to the Gods of Computers and Browsers and such to publish this poor blog.  Thankyou.  Big Love Wonka x