Friday, 13 December 2013

Faithful Fridee

Wonka here.  small alert on the go and it is a Ruggles alert.  Owner did not see him for his teatime or supper last night and consequently (get me) the gear change did not happen and funny night.   first thing Owner thought of on waking up was IS HE THERE.  Not, is Wonka starving for his breakfast, or is he alright, or GO STEADY on those stairs.  No.  I said to Owner is Ruggles there.  NO she said.

new para to set us right.  now the usual weather report from me and like it said on the good Radio it has gone mild plus gloomygogs plus a smallish amount of rain.  Not enough to bring the snails out though and we do like them.  Now here we are on Day 13 of Wonka's Advent!
Now here he is one of our Christmas decorations like Owner has put in big writing (do I look simple! NO! that was Baba's job.  sorry Baba in St Francis' Sanctuary in the sky!  Hankies away now).  this decoration does dangle off things and for the life of me I cannot remember where it is now dangling.  Somewhere.  We love it.
Final para possibly.  yes, so Owner in the doldrums.  I said to Owner ARE YOU IN THE DOLDRUMS?  Yes, she said.  The best thing to do when this happens is go out.  Then you must spend some money and most important, can I say vital, is to spend it on something you do not need.  Now Owner did all of these things and came back a notch brighter.  New not needed teashirt looks beautiful on you I said.  Also Owner reported buying daughter a fab pressie and I quote.  Me?  thanks for asking, I nestled up fairly close to the hottest radiator and dreamt nice seagull dreams.  I've discovered a liking for the exact same cat food that Ruggles likes too.  And Owner has got enough of that one in to feed the local cat rescue so that's lucky.  Now back to our all important Ruggles alert.  Whilst looking for him, Owner has seen a new cat dart across the road and thinks it is black and white but hard to tell in the dark she said.  Tinkers then sped over and went straight into our delux shed and ate all the food that was in there.  Owner replenished (like it like it) and did Tinkers go straight back in and eat that as well.  I ask you!  Ruggles did he then turn up and Owner treated him like a prodigal cat.  He gone for roughly a day.  We love him.
Real final para.  now last night to distract Owner we did watch Enders and that nice black lad who gave his Dad a kidney (not for his tea a real one) is being angry with everyone and has fallen in love with someone who doesn't love him back.  So what is new you ask?  Cat went to prison to visit mixed up Alice who didn't kill Michael but all think she did.  Only rotten nasty Janine knows the truth.  We love it.  In masterchef Owner very upset as the one she not keen to win, won.  End of.  tonight we will watch Corrie and Enders and be thankful for small storylines.  Now do go steady out in the world wherever you are as we are now at the weekend.  big Love Wonka x