Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dreamy Thursdee

Wonka here.  Owner says woke up and could not go back to sleep then did go back to sleep two minutes before alarm.  I said I didn't have any problems.  And pounced hard on Owners foot also looking to bite hand that was supposedly coming over to stroke me.  Well how did I know!!  of course I didn't bite Owner, and anyway SORRY if you thought I was.  Still had my breakfast after a slight delay while Owner got with it.

Fresh para.  Now the poor weather did arrive as predicted and it was so blustery it blew the curtain at the front bay outside!!  I had to crouch down and look frightened to alert Owner to this and shut the window.  Shut all the windows.  Then it rained and generally folks it was a duvet day.. instead Owner decided to get the decorations out and we are now lit up with two sets of lights.  ~Both working.  the pound pretend Christmas tree is still in the box though.  We have had that tree a long time and like all else Owner cannot bear to see it go.  DECLUTTER Owner I advised!  Now as promised, we are starting wonka's advent and we are on Day 5 of it.
As you can see folks, Owner has done me proud with a red robin.  I do like birds as you know, of course seagulls remain my all time favourite but I have seen one of these once or twice.  We love them.

Final para.  So the living room is a sparkle and everywhere you turn there is a santa.  There is also folks a new moon up there for us.  Owner has made a wish and as you know this must be done with some silver otherwise it won't come true.  Was it about me I asked but Owner said no it was to do with her.  me? thanks for asking, had a fairish day, keeping an eye out for Ruggles or any of the others.  Tinkers not been sighted lately but Owner staying calm.  Christmas meals have moved up the list and they all start this satdee.  Now we have caught up with that nice tango in Halifax and all the relationships we think we know who is with who or going to be.  and then did we catch up with nice Jack Whitehall and his dad in backchat.  our new fave comedy person.  Corrie you say?  They did get married and then whilst the bride was passed out on the bridal bed did recovered alcoholic groom Peter set about tempting tina!!  My my we thought, that was fast work.  And good Hayley is still alive in it too.  tonight we will be on with Enders and more bedazzling entrances and exits followed by masterchef if it is on.  Last night David went home and he was our fave.  Owner is on about the Christmas radio times and it isn't Christmas till we get it.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there int he world wherever you are folks.  Big love Wonka x