Monday, 30 December 2013

Highlights Mundee

Wonka here.  Yes even I slept in folks.  got up, noticed it was dark, windy and rainin and came straight back upstairs.  Owner woke up checked I was still breathing and did the same.  There is nothing else for it on a day like today but to glance over your furry shoulder at the year going going before you look towards the purry future.  Did you dream Owner I enquired (new word.yes)  I DID she goes.  Said dreamt of old and wonder dog called Sam who Owner does not mention much but I know he was here down to photoshoot of him on the bedroom wall.  What happened I said.  he died in it she goes.  OH I said.

Now today as a small treat and to help us with this yesteryear thing a collation (oooh) of some of best bits from 2013:

The beloved skylark - goodbye

The Red arrows in June or July 2013

Owner does a design for a competition about her astrological (ooer) sign VIRGO

Our gorgeous hero NOVAK his sorrow in losing to MURRAY Wimbledon 2013

The royal babe Prince George.we love him x
This is Owner's logo for her good life coaching.  very proud. x

Beloved Baba.  now in the next room. hankies away. x

The miracle buddleia starts to grow. x

A piece of the glorious summer.

Me cuddling up to the new luxury carpet.

in a box.

with some toys.

first up birfdy

one of my mousey collection

Owner's Big Big birfdy

Baba's miracle Buddleia!!

Owner's tomato plant!

our little bear in need!

Beloved Demi goes to the next room. x

A beauty sunset out back in November

Ruggles. x

That's it for now folks! x
I do hope you like our line up of just a few of the events this year for us and for you wherever you are in the Wold.  Even though it is rainy and miserable outside I continue to spur Owner on you know.
Last para.  Now I know you are all busy on your resolutions like me and Owner and we will be talking of this tomorrow.  I am very proud of mine and can't speak for Owner.  We will be having a short break from the proceedings over the weekend but will leave you with a few things to look at while we are gone.  Owner is realising a dream and I am going to have a few holding the fort with my beloved aunty (Owner's daughter).  Now due to rotten weather Owner is having to stay in , eat and watch loads of dvds and stuff.  Now who does that remind me of??  tonight we are lucky to have corrie x 1 and some of Enders.  ~there are new people in the vic and the jury is still out in this house.  In corrie good Hayley is slowly moving out of this life (pretend) and all are crying.  There is a horror thing on good Beeb two at 9pm so if Owner awake and feeling brave enough we will be glued.  Do go steady out there in the World wherever you are folks.  big Love Wonka x