Saturday, 14 December 2013

Santa Satdee

Wonka here.  Slept in but this is fine as it is a weekend and no one needs to rush said Owner.   What about if I am starving for my breakfast I said as I shot down those stairs but Owner could not hear me.  Now today's weather report it is gloomy and worse still has a big wind got up.  We are not keen on windy conditions.  yes there is a joke there but I am not going to make it.  Are you going to sit down Owner I said and read the paper.  YES she said.

Fresh para.  So this was a nice slow start to the day and before I go any further on here is Wonka's advent Day 14:
Now I am guessing folks that if Owner had not put in bold writing what this is you would have said WHAT IS THAT?  now in case you cannot read what Owner has scribbled (Sorry Owner) it is sposed to be nice gifts from Santa.  We love Santa.
Fresh para I won't say the last, now talking of Santa Owner reports that whilst she was out doing a brief shop (since when did Owner ever do a brief shop I ask you) did she see five Santas crossing the road.  Where I said were they going?  to their Santa hide out said Owner.  And then did she see another Santa asking for money.   After that she does not report seeing any further Santas.
Possibly Final para.  Safe home after a double whammy visit to aged sibling and aged parent.  Whilst at aged siblings Owner says there was a photo of them both at the Christmas meal they went to last weekend.  was it any good I said.  NO said Owner.  Aged Sibling looked ten years younger and seems to have passed them over to Owner.  not that bad surely I said.  Owner said she will not be getting any further copies.  I quickly changed the subject folks to ask for more helpings of best 'good as it looks' (I've gone back to liking it).  Somehow I managed 5 saucers of this (small).  Ruggles you say?  not sighted as yet but all in place in the delux shed.  Now last night we did manage 3 x soaps in a row and come out the other side.  Dastardly David has returned homish despite nice concussed and angry Nick's bruvverly wishes.  tonight we are a bit excited as it is a results fest coming up.  We have semi results with the dancing and our best faves Abi and Ali and then the temperature goes through the roof folks as we tune in to beloved Dermot shoring up the Hex Faktor!! It dunt get more exciting I can tell you, not in this house.  Now go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x