Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Workin Wednesdee

Wonka here.  gone gloomygogs and blustery out there but Owner up at first alarm all. Said tossed and turned a tad in the night due to new temping job.  I can't say I noticed as I was snug and in blissful dreamy land.  Are you ready to learn a new job Owner I said?  AM I! she said.

Now as I declared to you only yesterday but seems a lifetime ago there is no more #Wonka's Advent but there is Owner's advent which is nearly as exciting alright it is just as:
Here is our very own St Nicholas stroke Santa stroke Father Christmas.  He is a tealight and does get a mention in the Wonka Stories at so he is as famous as that folks.  We love his gentle light and he seems to tell a story just by being there.  Even more famous is the trunk he lives on but that is another story.  We love it.  so Day 18 folks!
Fresh para and really should be last and final.  Why you say?  because Owner is demanding my attention after a hard day at the private company grindstone.  Says went well and wonders why hasn't been working in the private sector all her life as it beats the public sector hands down.  And we mustn't mention the charity one.  Did you mean us animals Owner I said (charity).  NO she said.   Now all day long I have had to suffer a luke warm radiator as Owner adjusted the dial before she flew out and what's more, an open fridge door.  WHAT! said Owner when she spied it hanging open.  But on the good side, I had not raided it!!  A poor giant yoghurt pot had been foolish enough to prop the door open because it did not fit on the shelf.  The chicken you say?  safe in the fridge as I was too cold to notice it.  Thankfully the heating is now at tropical setting and I am full up on 'as good as it looks.'  ruggles did pop by last night and may do so tonight.  His delux car seat is lovely and warm and there is food in the delux shed.  Now tonight we may crush in an episode of Corrie before the pit beckons.  Temptress Tina is moving in on recovered alcoholic and newly wed Peter.  It all spells Trubble!!!  We love it.  Now I noticed that last night I wished you all to go steady out there in the wold as opposed to the world.  Well whichever is safest I say.  big love wonka x