Wednesday, 25 December 2013

******Christmas Day Wednesdee!!********

Wonka here.  Listen to this, well Owner gets up in the dark and says I'm just going downstairs (to me, I was awake luckily) gets downstairs and sees the clock and it says 7 O' clock.  but I thought it was the middle of the night says Owner.  did you I said?  YES she goes.  What about some breakfast then I said.  COMING UP said Owner.

Now it is the day itself and no more advents needed but instead you will want to see my present from Santa.  here it is:
What is that you say?  it is a sturdy toy that all fits together like a train track only it has cut out bits and a ball that does go back and forth inside.  Can you see the green thing in the big cut out nearest?  that is the good rubber ball.  I have played with it and got my paw in it and all in all I LOVE IT.  Thankyou Santa stroke father Christmas stroke st Nicholas.  but I have been very very good this year.
Fresh probably final para.  Now listen to this as it is a heartwarming story from Owner.  (who needed to hear this herself.  yes).  Happy Christmas I shouted as she finally left the house after changing three times and having to wash hair, rub off make up and put it all back on oh and change earrings.   You look lovely I shouted!  Now on her return and after she had fed me of course as that is first up, did she relate this story. (quoting) while I was with aged sibling having our Christmas lunch she goes, well when we had finished and I was still at the table, well then did this old gentleman come over to the table.  then what I said, as I was nearly dropping back off.  Then she goes, did this nice old man ask after my aged sibling and say how his heart goes out to him as he sees him every day eating on his own. (this is true this).  Then what I said?  Well said Owner I found out his name, which is Peter and I did introduce him to my aged sibling.  And then what I said?  it turns out that Peter is also on his own in the extra care home, and his wife is dead and so is his son (called the same name as aged sibling) and his daughter is disabled and far away.  And this Peter said, his Dad always used to say 'keep smiling'.  Well I said to Owner, how heartwarming is that?  Owner said it put everything into perspective (nice word) and now aged sibling has a new friend.  The visit to aged parent wasn't quite so heartwarming but they all had a builders cup of tea and some Christmas cake and it all went better after that.
Real final para.  Last night we watched a stackload of TV and some of it was good like last tango with all in bed with someone, and Enders with Janine doing a good imitation of a pantomime witch.  We loved it.  Owner did catch a tiny bit of the Queen's speech as aged parent had that on and once home got the radio times out with all pink highlighter in it.   Rugtug has been and munched on turkey and 2 more plates of best whiskas pouches before realising he was a prisoner and had to be set free. We love him.  merry Christmas rug.  tonight we will be even more square eyed with dancing, midwifing and the soaps of course plus - and I have begged Owner to be brave, a ghost story on good BBC 2.  OOOER.  Now please go steady on this day wherever you are in the Wold.  Big love Wonka x