Friday, 20 December 2013

Fridee before Christmas Fridee!

Wonka here.  I have it on good authority (from Owner, Yes) that the weather on Christmas Day will be clear and cold.  Just how we like it.  Today, the moon is waning in the sky and the blustery wind not so blustery.  There are some good twinkly stars up there and we love it.  yes Owner got up and yes got on with it.  Have you got  list Owner I said? NO said Owner.

Fresh para.  On with Owner's Advent for Day 20.

What is that you say?  It is one of the new lights, a penguin to be exact, it is on a string of lights with santas and reindeer and such, and it is dangling off one of Owner's Dad's carvings.  what is the carving you say?  Of a cat.  it is a wooden bookend cat.  What else would it be!  and Owner's dad did lots of carvings down here and may well still be at it in the next room.  If you like there is a pretty gorgeous photoshoot of me next to another of these carvings and we can make it part of the advent.  We love it.

Now probably final para as I am worn out due to sleeping all day.  There is nothing more tiring than that.  And then having to welcome Owner back with packloads of catlitter and food for the one day that is so special.  The cupboards are full of tins of this and tins of that and stuff Owner may never eat.  Yes there is plenty for me and Ruggles.  And Tinkers.  And anyone else who is starving out there.   I said to Owner did you have a nice day at your temporary job in the private sector?  YES I LOVE IT she said.  No sign of stress folks at all.  Owner did report being short tempered in the car with no name this morning and says it was because the driver in front was going very slowly and then stopped in a stupid place.  OH I said.

Real final para.  If  we have time folks tonight in between fresh lists (Owner wrote it out at work) and eating, we will watch good Corrie and funny Enders.  In Corrie rotten David is back in with his supportive but dysfunctional (OOOOOH) family and temptress Tina is after someone's else's bloke.  Enders is very mixed up and people are still leaving.  ~We are a bit excited about Christmas and we hope you are too.  It is the weekend Folks so do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x