Monday, 16 December 2013

Money Mundee

Wonka here.  so snug and warm this morning Owner turned the alarm off.  Just to ensure this didn't mean slumbering on and slumbering on I did give Owner a minute nibble (not nip) on her hand when she was patting me round the head.  I said to Owner it is time to get up!  IS IT she said.  told of a wisp of a dream where she is telling someone where to get off and walking upstairs.  Said she knew them going on twenty years ago.  Was it a bad dream I said.  NO said Owner.

Now you have noticed the title of today's diary and it is continuing into the evening.  Every time Owner has turned round has it cost her some money.  Is anyone visiting our online shop and buying anything I said to Owner because otherwise we may starve (it is at and Wonkaandmousey gifts).  Owner has been paying everyone even donating to charity I said doesn't that begin at home.  anyhow here is Wonka's Advent Day 16:

And here he is our Mr Snowman (doesn't he sing about dreams?) but no snow in sight or forecast that we know of.  And we do love a white Christmas.

Back to final para.  so money money money should be our new theme tune.  Everywhere you look it is costly said Owner.  I knew this would happen as Owner been to good dentist in York and you can hear the cash register from here!  only joking!  on her return did Owner pop to the nice supermarket (not the one where she is followed and needs a ball of string to find the milk) and tried to do a calm shop but says was blasted with Slade's 'well here it is Merry Christmaaaaasss' which she never did like.  This put her off shopping said.  Not a bad thing I said back.  Now something nice happened to me, as Owner finally found where she had hidden the catnip and filled my little blue fish with it.  I love it.  It sends me a bit sparky.  And then, the next best thing with no money involved did we spy that new cat on the block again, this time sat as nice as you like by our good garden gate.  he is black and white and sat there long enough for me to have a good look.  I like him.  or her.  Owner thinks is like the cat in Rupert Bear but cannot as yet recall his name.  Is it Dinky I said.

The real last para.  Ruggles you say?  Has trotted in for dish of chicken and pretend chicken and wanted to trot back out.  he is very well and so is his tiny stump of a tail.  Now last night did we glue ourselves to the results.  On the dancing our faves shot straight through to the final plus some that should have shot straight out (according to some folks).  Now back on with the singing did the x prison officer win the X Factor!  She and good Mrs O as Sharon is now called cuddled up and cried over it.   We love it.  So all that wore us out rather.  Tonight we will soldier on with the soaps and all the twisted love and back stabbing brothers and sisters.   There may be some surprises in store as Christmas is nearly here.    Owner has posted some cards and when stops paying out money may get festive.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love wonka x