Saturday, 7 December 2013

North Star Satdee

Wonka here.  Got up nicely and by that I mean no scratchings or bitings just a quick pounce on the foot and hand with no injury in sight.  Overslept a tad, and Owner said had good dreams but cannot remember any of it.  gone like candyfloss she said.  Does that mean they leave a nice taste in your head I said.  finally got my breakfast and was just about to tap my paw on the plate.  Owner very focussed and on a mission.  where to you ask?

Fresh para.  Now apropos of nothing (do like that phrase) Owner has made an adjustment on here that shrank the text.   It has good things to it and bad things. 1.  it means I can see everything without having to slide up and down but 2.  is it too small?  Back to the main news of the day, in a minute after I let you see Day 3, or what is really Day 7 of Wonka's Advent:
I think this may be my favourite and is of course Rudolph.  Just noticed Owner has printed it.  There is no escape from it being Rudolph then.  I said to Owner I said you have smudged his nose.  She said this is alright and no one will notice.
another fresh para.  As I was saying, main news of the day although this smallness is getting on my nerves and for a change Owner is telling me to hang loose.  yes well Owner did speed off early doors to go to aged sibling for the start of the Christmas meals out.  it was to a pub in the middle of nowhere in fact very near to the sea so it was lucky it wasn't Thursday I pointed out!  yes and being in the middle of nowhere it is called the North Star.  Downside to the meal I said to Owner?  freezing coach ride there and back she said.  Feet were cold.  This to one side she said she was full up to the gunnels (don't ask) and aged sibling had a good time.  Met new folk at the table and all very Christmassy.
Final para.  I am going to change this titchy writing it is SILLY.  Now tonight Owner and me are revving up for the dancing and the SEMI FINAL of the hex factor.  it is just too thrilling for words.  Do not fear, me and Ruggles were fed immediately upon Owner's return and she did not even have time to take her boots off (new ones) to put furry slippers on to warm up freezing feet.  No!  She had to quickly see to me and quickly see to Ruggles.  Second big new of the day does Ruggles have some new baby fur growing on his stumpy tail! YES.  We love him.  sort of.  On my part that is.  The new car is still new to Owner and she is still trying to love it and not miss the old one.  I said it will be alright Owner!  The car with no name you see.  She thinks it may be French.  Now I want you all to go steady out there in the world wherever you are, and whatever font you are using.  Don't use this one.  Big Love Wonka x