Thursday, 12 December 2013

through it thursdee

Wonka here.  never a good sign if you are tired when you wake up I always say. Yes I am talking about Owner who wanted to stay put.   Struggled to remember what day we are on but perfect recollection of dream.  What happened I said.  Well said Owner, I was with an old friend who I don't talk to anymore.  OH I said.  ~there was a lot more detail including old Friend's family and exes and being in the dark.  Was it a very intense dream I said.  YES said Owner.

Fresh para.  It turned into a very thorough sort of day with all things going to plan one after the other including me being thoroughly fed.  I am now faced with a myriad (love that word love it) of biscuits as Owner trying out a new one.  It is a COMPLETE meal.  Well how am I supposed to know that when there are other meals available to me?  to continue being thorough here is Wonka's Advent Day 12. 

It is the Christmas Star folks and I like to think it is an image of that very first glimpse the three wise men had when they set off on their wonderful journey.  How could they have known how it would end up.  We love it.

Fresh para.  Now Owner did go off to toil away this afternoon and came home funny.  I said are you in a funny mood Owner?  NO she said.   I am crushed up against a radiator for warmth and keeping a low profile.  Seriously folks, Owner may be a little stressed due to being amongst stressful people.  She did tell me she didn't think she was assertive enough when surrounded by a swarm of year 10s.  And then equally so when surrounded by a headteacher.  Not to worry Owner I said, you have tried hard and done your best and at least we won't starve.   On a more upbeat note, we are receiving Christmas cards and Owner reports having bought three.  Just a little reminder that we do have a shop now called (naturally) Wonka and Mousey gifts and you can find us on

Now probably Final Para.  it is getting Christmassy round here and our neighbours are all bathed in a glorious window of lights.  it is dazzling Owner says.  We have a modest display of penguins and snowmen and father Christmas lights.  Over the way there is a 'Please Stop here Santa' sign.  We love it.  Now if Owner can somehow get a gear change from reverse to say third or fourth (we'll be lucky) we shall watch Enders, and catch up somehow with a confusing array of new ones taking on old ones and some acting here and there, and then move on to Mastachef if on.  Last night we watched the three finalist do their utmost with tiny miniscule cubes of food and drizzle and foam stuff.  All the swarms (new word.  like it a lot) of chefs munching it and judging it seemed happy.  Even that funny one called Marcus. Owner doesn't like him and won't say why.  Ruggles you say?  how is Rug?  He is alright darting in for teatime and supper and fairly well going straight out again with his new tiny furry stump.  We love him.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x