Saturday, 21 December 2013

Get on with it Satdee

Wonka here.  Owner reported strange dreams involving crocodiles.  What two I said.  YES she goes.  More on that later, but weatherwise that blustery wind had dropped and dazzling sunshine out there.  Is it seasonal for this time of year you say, and we say not really.

Now without further ado I have consulted Owner on this good Satdee, the last one before Christmas about our Advent Day 21.  And Owner said to pick one of me.  Here it is, your treat:
Yes it really is me folks, on my favourite perch the sideboard gazing out back.  Yes I am smaller and younger I agree.  And yes, that is Chistmas on the line!  My spelling always a trial to Owner.  That was for a Christmas three years ago but we hope you like it.  We love it.
Fresh para and talk of crocodiles.  Owner says it means, underhand bargaining,  OH I said.  but wait a minute because it came true!  The poor windowcleaning firm only tried to claim they had cleaned the windows when they hadn't!!  and Owner adamant she right.  were you right I said?  WAS I she goes.  So just a little dream tip to help you out folks.  Crocodiles means double dealing.  Now alongside this interesting thing did Owner fairly well crack on and get lots of things done like food shopping to make sure I have enough pouches and such, hair dressing appointments (don't you look a picture I said as soon as I saw it.  The hair) and then to cap it all off did she fit in a visit to aged sibling and then to aged parent.  Both passed off without too much stress or crying.  From Owner I mean.  And when she stumbled back home she reported finding a new lever on the steering wheel column that defied all understanding.  Do you mean the car with no name I said.  YES she went, I cannot understand what it is, what it does and how I did not notice it was there for the last three weeks.  And before I tentatively asked Owner if she had perused (OOOh)the handbook did she say she had.  TO NO AVAIL.  Luckily the car drives OK without finding out what the little sticky out thing does.
Real final para.  Now tonight folks, we can settle down and relax (Ruggles missed us out last night but has trotted in for 3 yes 3 dishes of fodder) and watch the final final final of Strictly.  We have loved it for so long how will we manage now.  Owner is in love with Abi and Ali so they must win it.  if not we will still love it.  Daughter has given Owner the heads up about a good film on Film 4 and I said that makes a change.  So it is square eyes all the way tonight folks.  I do hope you are all aright in the world wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x