Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sane Sundee

Wonka here.  Cold sunny morning and we lived on the edge with no alarm going off!  And I pounced on the foot first time with no build up!!  Owner was only half asleep and did not notice.  Evenutally I had some breakfast and we eased into the day.  Now you will all be excited as it is the first day of December.  We have two advent calendars, yes, one from Owner's daughter and one from the Cat Protection League.  and that one has a lovely big fat white cat called Rocky in door 1.

Fresh para for a photoshoot of the advent calendar called 'The Snow Queen' as we need our very own  countdown to the day,
And if it isn't Father Christmas in Door 1!  We love him.  St Nicholas too Owner said, I said what about St Francis he's my favourite.  He loves us all year round.  Owner does have Christmas on the 'to do ' list but I haven't seen any evidence as yet.  and I haven't looked in the bottom drawer either.  If I'm really good, I may have a stocking.  All the best supermarkets have them and I have mentioned it to Owner. she said the big cavernous one that has more assistants telling you where to find things, than assistants helping you buy them, did sell them but she's gone off shopping in there.  Oh, I said.

final para.  Now today has been slow and peaceful, with just a few things in it.  what you say? like paying some bills and looking at car insurance.  I dozed off for a bit whilst this was happening but woke up to let Owner know I was peckish and to check for Ruggles.  he is sticking to his new routine and not turning up for breakfast.  Owner is still not fretting!  And even took a phone call from aged parent who rang Owner's mobile five times without speaking!! finally she did own up that it was her that was ringing.  She called it (quoting) 'experimenting.'  Take deep breaths Owner! I said. I AM! reported Owner.  It was a good phone call as Owner able to finalise Christmas Day arrangements.  This folks is a giant step forwards for this household. 

I know I know, but this is the real final para.  We did watch and we did love all the dancing and got very excited when Abi and Ali got 3 x 10s.  We love them, and then we loved all the singing and that is when a small miracle happened as the poor girl who could not remember words well she sang them all without a flounder!  Was it down to the hypnotherapy person you wonder.  All he said to her was to take deep breaths (I say this to Owner) and imagine you are belting out a top performance (again I near enough do say this to Owner to spur on) and you will be fine.  You cannot beat a good dose of positive thinking I said to Owner.  Now tonight we must watch the results and we cannot call it folks we think anything could happen.  Time to check for Ruggles folks.  No do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love Wonka x