Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Rock on Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Owner having nice dream which included being inside and people waiting outside in the snow.  Snow is a fortuitous (Owner helped me with that one) sign in a dream folks.  With that signal for an upbeat day, what I ask you could go wrong?  nothing.  that's what went wrong, nothing.  Or as they say in the US of A, nothing.

Fresh para needed.  Now the day progressed on an ever increasing upbeat note with Owner making phone call to the utilities people with no signs of stress whatsoever.  Was smiling.  Then does she decide to put together our offering on the advent calendar front.  It will begin tmro folks, and not forgetting the other more important calendars which are all about me and can be purchased in our new shop called wonka and mousey gifts. Phew.  At the same time as creating the advent did Owner do a little sketch of me having one of my famous 5 minutes.
There I am on my settee.   It's very important to get rest folks, it is healing and restores goodwill.
Fresh para to talk of new things.  You will want to know how Owner is doing in the new jalopy?  She cannot believe it that's what and when I spyed out of the window I thought is that the old car or is it the old car.  Mostly it looks the same.  Same toys in it etc, same car sweets.  you name it.  but and I say this in all serious catness, if Owner happy then I'm happy.  so she sped off and sped back with new parking stickers and new boots.  I said but you already have a good pair of boots Owner.  Before I made a dash for it under the bed!  But it was alright as a benign atmosphere has come down. Once the car was sorted out this meant the next thing on the list, teeth.  A new appointment has been made and the good dentist hasn't indicated he wants to leave town.  yet.  We love him.
Final para.  After all of that inning and outing, I had to have another lay down after feasting on real chicken and real catfood.  Ruggles popped in for some tea before saying let me out now.  last night for no known reason did he give Owner a little clip on the leg.  She does not know why but pleased it did not leave a mark.  yes the eye is no longer black or any other colours and has healed up a treat.  last night we were so tired we had to miss a lot of our usual TV fayre.  we did watch Enders though and remain aghast at the speed of new people coming into it.  Bianca seems starstruck by her new person, and the nice drunken lauren is trying to have an affair with another new one.  Tonight we are trying to catch up on catch up.  We may watch mastachef as we love Michel and Greg and try and relate to Monica.  Now please go steady out there in the world wherever you are folks.  Big love Wonka x