Monday, 23 December 2013

Nearly Christmas Mundee!

Wonka here.  Up at the crack of, and inspected the weather as soon as.  As predicted grey and rainy clouds at the ready.  Owner said fitful night and could not remember dreams.  Said hoped hair would go right and I said SO DO I!  got out on time for final full day at good private company.

Fresh para and here is our Advent Day 23 folks out there!  Me and Owner have so enjoyed doing this advent and we are sad as it is one before last one.
Here I am, yes it's me again but thought you would like a little Christmas sketch of me prior to the Christmas card one saved for tomorrow.  I am near to a little Christmas stocking that used to belong to Gollie (who is in the sanctuary in the sky with St Francis and where Baba is too.  hankies away!) but he never played with it and I did.  next to that is a Christmas bauble as I do love to bat them about.

Fresh possibly final para.  Now I really missed Owner today in between napping and snacking, I thought I wish Owner would hurry up and come home as I am starving.  And there she was!! a little bit windswept and rainsodden but home!!  Is it horrid out there I said?  IS IT! goes Owner.  Reports that according to all the weather news she has kept up with all day whilst working hard, that these nasty winds and rain are set to continue.  In Canada she says they are under snow and icy conditions.  OH I said.  I do take an interest you know, whilst Owner is chopping up my real chick for my tea.  Then she does go out to the delux shed and had a lovely surprise as there was Ruggles nestled on the luxury car seat in the million warm blankets there are on it.  So then he had real chick for his tea.  Now tonight Owner says very worn what with working all day and it being near to Christmas but we will watch corrie X 2 and Enders x 1.  the storylines are wracking up for the big Day itself when all hell will break loose (Enders) and Hayley may slip off the shackles of this world and leave Roy behind in it (Pretend, Corrie.)  We love it.  Now go extra steady if you are celebrating and extra steady if you're not, wherever you are in the world (or Wold) and also, in case anyone of you noticed I said longest day and Owner says I should have put shortest day.  On the other hand she goes, it did feel like the longest day (satdee).   I sit corrected!  Big Love Wonka x