Sunday, 22 December 2013

Shoppin Sundee

Wonka here.  did we sleep in nicely this morning because it was so snug.  Dreams you ask?  no crocs but Owner reports climbing.  I said was it one of those impossible climbs where you cannot reach up to the next step or you are in a tiny place and cannot barely move or you are going to fall?  NO said Owner.  Weatherwise it was a beauty morning and no sign of this rough weather they are on about.

Fresh para.  We are on good Advent Day 22.  and for those of you paying attention , yesterdee was the longest day.  and it did feel long.

Thought you would appreciate one of me for a change!!  here I am in one of my fave spots by the sunlamp.  Yes that is a Christmas bauble and just to the left of that is another of Owner's Dad's carvings.  yes.  and it is of a Swan.  Which reminds me of and their Scarborough Fair song.  (swans are in it I think.  part of the fairytale said Owner.  Righto I said).

Final para as we are all too busy to read and write.  Yes Owner did go out to the nice supermarket where they are all wheeling stacks of food around the store and replenishing (Love that word I do) shelves.  Did you get everything Owner I said upon her return.  JUST ABOUT she said.  I noted we are topped up on every conceivable (I have outdone myself) pouch biscuit and real chick pieces.  Is it just for the two days the shops are shut I said.  YES she goes.  Now Ruggles popped by earlydoors and had 3 platefuls again before pawing at the good back door to get out.  Owner thinks he has nearly forgotten his ordeal at the good vets.  yes.  Now last night was a frenzy of voting online for our faves to win the dancing and the good news is, THEY WON!  We couldn't love Abi and Ali anymore than we do.  That took up the entire evening and although Owner started the film highly recommended by daughter could not stop yawning.  Tonight you say?  We have watched 'nativity' which is so funny we watch it again and again, and now we are on with Scrooged.  Do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x