Friday, 27 December 2013

Fraught Fridee

Wonka here.  Up we got and Owner said had been worried about the big gusts of wind in the night blowing against the window.  did it come in I said.  NO said Owner, but she was so worried she got up to check.  it did not get in.  Those poor people without power, well we heard on the good radio news that one of them tackled the prime minister (that public schoolboy one.  yes I know they are all the same as Owner did say none of them went to a secondary school.  I said is that what is called the class system Owner? YES she goes) - yes one of tackled the present PM and said what about my power then?  and he said he would have a word with the council.  We do hope it is sorted out.  What a funny Christmas time it has been.  TELL ME ABOUT IT, said Owner.

Now we have no more advents as you know and we will find a nice photoshoot to cheer us all up.

Thought you might like this cuddly sketch of me courtesy of Owner.  it is still a bit Christmassy to keep us going.  yes that's the stocking and the bauble still.  We love it.

Fresh para now.  Why Fraught Fridee you say?  Owner set off in that gusty windy weather for an outing with a lot of old people including aged parent.  I did wish her lots of luck even though her hair not quite as she wanted and had to change her outfit twice.  BE STRONG! I shouted through the good bay window.  Now of course I had a good sleep this aft and did not notice that freezing rain made all the worse in the strong gusty wind until I saw Owner approaching laden down with bags and cat litter and hair that looked like she had been through a hedge backwards.   When Owner does not speak this is a giant clue folks as to the state of play, and I immediately played it safe and showed off my tummy.  for a tickle.  to take Owner's mind off events.  and it worked!!  even though she was wet through and had to park in a street miles away leaving the car with no name there, even though the meal out was like the last supper without the divine host, and had to endure a game of bingo when all wanted to get back to their lair stroke home, yes it worked.  Are you alright Owner I said.  I AM NOW she goes.

last para.  Owner has calmed right down and watching Downton Abbey as missed it on Christmas Day, and peeling lost of veg ready for tomorrow.  What then you wonder.  Good daughter and grandson arrive for their Christmas Day which was postponed til now.  They have stockings and everything!  Now tonight we are back to normal and watching lots of soaps as many as possible with Enders there are changes and people still leaving and Corrie some people are leaving in a dying sort of way.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there wherever you are in the Wold.  Big love Wonka x