Tuesday, 8 October 2013

tempting tuesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks and here it is another fine day in our world just hope it was in yours too.   Slow but steady here,  up after just one snooze in, usual catch Owner's foot under the duvet which involves some pouncing on my part and some moving quickly on Owner's - this is not easy as Owner as you know is a slow mover.  Unless she is sudden.  then it is sudden.  I like that word sudden and I think I'll use it more often.  Now the day developed gradually into an alright day.  No work again, and again Owner is taking this very philosophically.  She is so calm I am nervous and may dart under the bed.

Fresh para.  Now, a long phone call with an old dear friend ensued unexpectedly.  and this was due to a 'sudden' urge on Owner's part to contact verbally instead of emailing!!! blimey, the old fashioned way!!  I was proud especially as it has been on the news (well our news via Radio 2 we love it) that in schools, all the students are busy failing their literacy and numeracy.  In droves apparently.  And Owner nodded sagely at this as experienced at first hand.  yes Owner said, that Year 10 did not know how to write a letter!!  I was aghast as even I know how to complain by letter!

Fresh para.  Maybe final para who knows?  Now last night, far from sinking into an almighty gloom brought on by not being needed to work anywhere doing anything, Owner picked up and was glued to that lovely Take two if we can get over jolly Zoe Ball presenting it and usually we can, followed closely by corrie which concentrated its efforts on conscious Nick and even more conscious David his evil bruvver and in Enders we noted that Alfie, of the worn blue jeans leather coat and silly silverish belt was getting into a taxi! and we know this is how everyone leaves the soap!  It must be said that Michael Moon who has ridiculous white and even teeth (Owner's dentist take note) does make Owner laugh as he has rather a funny turn of phrase - his language folks is a pleasant  divergence from the more usual ' sorted' and 'come ere' one or two syllables that most of the square manage.  Is it any wonder says Owner (that woke her up) that young people cannot speak or write??
Tonight we will be as square eyed (no pun intended folks) as we like and if it keeps Owner smiling end of story eh.  go steady out there folks wherever you are.  big love Wonka x