Wednesday, 2 October 2013

we got there Wednesdee

Wonka here.  No about the weather folks, when we looked out first thing, gorgeous pink early morning sky it was beauty.  Then, then later on it did rain a bit and turned to drizzle.  gone cooler.  yes so we are left wondering what to wear really.  Well Owner is, obviously I do not have an ongoing debate on the wardrobe thing.  Now Owner, if it does not plan ahead and have day wear ready, well a quandary results folks.  the bed (my bed that is my big pet bed) is then covered in shirts, tops, more tops, hangers, things twisted round what are they, and basically there is not enough time for all of this.  Not if Owner gets a shout in the morning to go to a job.  And that happened this morning folks.  Off Owner went and came home in a fairly decent mood plus had brought fresh supplies.  Chicken, more biscuits (as didn't have enough variety only 5 or 6) and immediately set to and fed me, then cleaned out my luxury cat tray.  I will not go in it if it develops into a swamp.  Now I know I know fresh para.

here it is!! So, Owner tired but on track and all of this after a visit to aged sibling and parent!  We love being busy bees.  last night, we did watch enders and it did seem never ending folks with the new and hard to swallow storyline of Carol and her two 'beaus' and I mean suitors etc.  so following that Owner made decision to read.  yes! reading her favourite book Doctor Sleep.  nearly finished it, oh no, withdrawal symptoms will raise their head.

Final para.  Ruggles not there for brekkie but there for tea and had nice surprise as had big plate of usual luxury catfood but plus chicken.  He had a nice wash on the good kitchen doorstep and I was watching from my dining room perch (photoshoot the other day to show you.  check it out now!).  Not seen Tinkers lately so Owner will worry.  yes we talked of Baba today and golly who was my bestest friend and had to go to heaven nearly two years ago.  We love them and miss them.  Put those hankies away!  Now tonight folks we will watch beloved Corrie with nice Nick out of his coma and quite rightly frightened of brother David who had previously tried to kill him and there at his bedside in his face!  Lordy.  we love it.  Unsure if anything else on that Owner can watch without fidgeting.  Now go steady out there in the world wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x