Saturday, 26 October 2013

Niggling Satdee

Wonka here.  Today you wonder, what is our weather doing, well when Owner finally came to and I got to run downstairs and when the window open a notch I could sniff the air. It was a bit rainy, plus a bit mild.  so it did drizzle again and brighten up again and drizzle again.  Top news?  Owner's favourite umbrella ella ella, of all time as covered in a nice pattern of owls, well it is broken and cannot be fixed!  Owner set off to find a replica and had to settle for one with cats on.  Yes I approve and hope that's an end to it but when Owner has an obsession, it is a full blown one.  I will keep you posted on it.

Fresh para.  Now I know you will all want to know why no photoshoots of good kitchen window lately and bits and bobs around it, well here it is then:
Now the nice cat to the bottom left well that was given to Owner thousands of years ago for Christmas and was from Oxfam.  And the nice cat chimes?  de rigeur (?  my French awaits improvement I know or je pense!!) and that little pink thing above the leaf of the good lemon geranium well that is Owners string of stars which must be switched on at night.  they run of three batteries you know.  And finally, do keep up, that yellow blob in the distance above the rooftops well that is the sunset coming on.

Final para as worn out now.  Owner is revving up for the dancing and is firmly in love with Pasha but not his partner, and our favourites you ask?  we love Mark we always have, and Anton and Fiona and that nice sophie thingy thingy.  Oh yes and Robin and his Mrs Dragon's Den.  Then we switch straight over to the Hex Factor and wonder if we can have a favourite singer.  it is slow in happening this year.  First off Owner likes Rough Copy until they did a rough copy stroke cover of this good song.  We will have to catch up with Cazualtee and the happy storylines of Tess and save the world Charlie.  Now Ruggles is due for his plateful of teatime and guess what, I spied Tinkerbelle flashing across the busy road out there and then in the back yard.  she stroke he has a massive bell round his or her neck so we can hear him or her for miles.  We love him.  or her.  Now have a wonderful evening and go steady out there folks.  Big love Wonka x