Sunday, 13 October 2013

Soothing Sundee

Wonka here.  Now due to the sudden turn in the weather from Indian summer (and we think that means the American Indians folks) to over here autumn, did Owner sleep right in.  I also blame the two duvets as opposed to just the one.  and don't forget the heating is now up a notch, in case we all freeze.   so no dilemma in this house about starving or freezing.  We are fully supporting the slogan live now die in debt.  yes.  ~Fresh para I think.

I wanted to put on another adorable photshoot of me relaxing as I do on half of the settee but Owner said no, the good folks out there will want to see the poor shed door (?). 

I cannot agree more with you all - you say what is this?  Well of course there is the door that will not shut properly especially since Owner went at it with a hammer and some nails.  In front is a heavy plant pot that stops said door from flinging open too wide, and there is also a nice shot of the garden dustbin!!  thought you'd all like that one.  But, listen up, through the little window to the side of the poor shed door well there is a wide wooden shelf that ruggles sometimes sits on, and where the luxury igloo is towards the back.  And just by the window folks is Baba's little box, it has his name on it and a bunch of pretend lilies yes, and that is where Owner said he would want to be.  He loved that shed he did.  Hankies away!

Definitely a fresh para needed.   So it is an important shed and you did need to see it I spose.  Ruggles lives in there when he is not in the kitchen being fed, it is a bit tricky as I have to be pushed into the dining room and can only play with Ruggles by putting my paw under the door.  Now I am not in Owner's good books as last night whilst basking on the settee did I lash out and scratch Owner on tender bit of her forearm.  Although it was a complete accident she not happy and only just forgiven me.  Also, Owner not happy about the packet or should we say tube of After Eights chocs which she had to eat all of, said thought they were Mintolas (clue in the name?) said tasted like soap, I said then why eat them??   On a more serious note we loved the tv fest and had a few decisions to make about what to watch!  ended up very square eyed and in love with a singing group called Rough copy, Owner says gave 'solid' performance (I say) and as for the dancing, we are now in love with this rugby player called Ben.  We always liked the name Ben.  tonight more of the same plus that nice drama Downton Abbey where all the slaves know best and the Rich Owners know nothing.  go steady out there folks and have a good week ahead.  Big Love Wonka x