Friday, 18 October 2013

At last Fridee

~Wonka here.  Just to remind ourselves it is really and truly Autumn now, we had a gloomy gogs day to prove it.  Owner immediately took stock and said felt ill.  this usually means laying down nice and  quiet for several hours and that's just me folks!   Seriously the sky did not change colour and remained a shade of grey all day long and that is not a reference to that book that nearly everyone in the world has read (except for Owner she says they 'oversold' it what ever that means - it just means she doesn't want to join the masses).

Fresh para and I do want to remind you all out there that I am in a book and this is the first cover ever: 
I know I look like a proper champion!  Owner says this is her favourite.  We will show the rest as the weeks race towards Christmas there I've said it.....and there is a Christmas Story folks, so keep an eye on my diary for the release date.  Now back to the mundane then, no sign of ruggles as yet and he did not put in an appearance for breakfast.  The food had gone, that Owner left in the shed but without recourse to cctv we do not know who ate it!  could have been Tinkers.  And since that awful night when Owner made bad decision (what else could it be at 9pm at night?  I ask you) to let Ruggles stay in the kitchen he thinks he's a prisoner on the run.

Last para.  Well Owner said to get a move on, it is her tea time and she wants to start the evenings' viewing.  Last night we managed on Enders and that funny woman who came back to the square and no one likes her because of her criminal past which we ought to forgive but in Enders they always remember, well she is staying and that nice man who said he loved her and would wait forever and forgive all, well he has left. ??.  And then there is nice corrie with everyone hating each other and in impossible romances with babies,  Not to forget Hayley who is slowly edging out of this world.  if Owner up to it and I have a feeling she is, we will then be glued to American hex factor.  Simon spoke of longest 2 mins of his life last night and Owner said knows what he means.  Now the weekend is here folks and I want you all to enjoy it wherever you are in the world.  big love Wonka x