Saturday, 12 October 2013

Silly Satdee

Wonka here.  thought we would start off with me in a sunny spot.  Mainly because gone gloomy and drizzly out there and this can cheer us all up.  Buddleia blown over third time in a row, will Owner finally secure it?  I'll let you know in due course.  Yes, that is a wooden swan on the box I know it looks like it will jump down eh.  and just at the bottom is the famous mousey of them all and to the right is my newest toy, that little blue soggy fish.  I love it.  Oh yes that string thing round Swanny is little daisy lights by a battery.   We do like a string of lights.

Fresh para.  Owner went quite busy and only slightly worried by ruggles who was pat and mick twice.  What if she goes.  I said you will JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT! hasn't mentioned since and said was going to buy fish and chicken.  anyone would think we were rolling in it.  Finally waved Owner off to go swimming and shopping and visiting.  At last some peace.  Yes heating is now on folks and due to lack of sun I have to warm up by practically sitting on the radiator.  If not, I like to hog roughly half the settee.Fresh para

Possibly final para we'll see.  So Owner struggles back in with face like thunder I said are you in a mood? Now the nice dentist once asked Owner this, luckily when she was unable to answer having several instruments in her mouth, but personally I'd say unless you are me and can leap quickly upstairs and under the bed don't ask this question.  It turns out aged parent, second visit of the day, damned all with faint praise and scrutinised Owner at end of very trying visit to say 'you look tired.'  This is guaranteed to wind Owner up and make her feel at least 99 and a half.  Brought her round with the news that ruggles was on the doorstep and no sign of illness.  yet.

Final para I've decided.  Yes so we both had real chick and real fish although don't think Ruggles ever seen a real fish as he declined it.  Owner slowly thawing out,  Last night, something happened to us as we enjoyed Enders and the weird and manic Michael Moon character had Owner enthralled.  He is very over the top and leans towards the Jack Nicholson school of acting.  Mustn't mention schools.  Now tonight we on with the dancing and now we are in love with Ashley, not sure who he is, Anton and Fiona, and who else?  Pasha has a rather trying partner this year but we'll hold on there.  Then folks it's on with the 'live' shows on hex Factor!!  A truly scrumptious tv fest.  May help Owner regain decent mood.  In the meantime wherever you are in the world folks go steady.
big Love Wonka x