Sunday, 27 October 2013

Steady Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes there is talk of a storm folks and some are comparing to the 'great storm' of '87 or thereabouts.  Now due to Owner being so old (only joking!  I love you!!) she does remember this storm of which she says there WAS NO WARNING.  As a result of this folks, people went about their nightly business until this crashing banging noise woke them all up in the deep of the night.  that was the trees falling on the roofs and the things hurtling down the streets at 100 mph.  Will this be repeated you wonder wherever you are in this world?  We are on an amber alert folks amber so we are all ready to trounce this storm!

Fresh para.  Owner did step out for a tiny shop (took some things back got refunded wondered why bought them in first place) and reports it was 'blowy'.  Me? thanks for asking, well it did look a bit blowy outside when I had a quick look out back and front now I come to think of it but mostly I settle up against the radiator as thankfully and defying all economic theories etc owner got heating on constant.  Now as a reminder to you all about the original there follows a photoshoot of said mousey.
Just a bit thinner that's all and that little furry black spec that's  back up mousey from an original set of three. Like everything else folks, my toys come in packs of three.  I love that Mousey I do.

Fresh para.  Ruggles didn't know that our clocks went back an hour so turned up for his tea time at the right time if the clocks had stayed the same.  don't ask me to say that again.  So he had a nice big plateful of good as it looks (my favourite but it's alright as Ruggles eats the one I turn nose up at,  Says Owner) and a few biscuits.  Owner had to close door as said and remarked about wind could have blown it wide open but noticed when Ruggles looked worried and anxious (at closed door) and quickly set him free.  She is deeply concerned about his tail and we have prayed to St Francis on it.  Yes Tinkerbelle (the usurper) was spotted fleeing across the busy street and we pray on that one too.

final para.  Now last night we loved Strictly so much I cannot tell you enough good things.  We love Pasha even more as his poor dancing partner cannot dance but without Pasha to gaze at Saturdays will lose a little attraction for Owner.  I can admit here that Owner voted twice for Pasha out of her five votes.  Also hogging our attention were Anton and Fiona, Mark, and lovely Abi and Ali.  the frocks!  The glamour !! Now the singing you ask?  This was very serious and even had a rendition of skyfawl and Moon Rivahhh.  Mrs S O got quite critical at one point and directed everyone to put the kettle on..we did have a favourite though from amongst all the belters and this was Luke Friend who covered a Seal.  We love him,  Now tonight we have the results of our voting and some must leave! Yes!  Please go steady out there in the world, I nearly forgot to tell you Owner did visit aged parent and there was a singer at the home for a Halloween special!  Aged parent refused to hear him shout I mean sing and Owner did say she didn't realise 'Bewitched bothered and bewildered' sounded like that.  Frank Sinatra will be spinning round we reckon.  Now finally, be storm aware folks!
Big love Wonka x