Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Telling Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Now folks it was darkish, gloomyish and rainyish but we did get up!  Owner having nice dream too says there was young black woman singing her heart out, in a bar.  Well no wonder Owner loathe to spring up if dreaming of pleasant things.  Back in the real world, no work today of the paid kind, but plenty to do of the unpaid kind.  More of that in a minute.  First up, fresh para.

Here we are it is a para and it is to bring you the latest and last published cover in the Wonka series.  although the Christmas Story is not far off.
This is my favourite as beloved Baba on the cover and if I say it myself an excellent likeness! hankies away folks.  Now back to 'telling tuesdee' then, yes Owner on the warpath and all in a good cause because someone is bullying aged sibling (according to Owner - we must be pc eh).  so she writes a massive stroke fairly big email of complaint and follows this up by a personal visit to the big Managers.  Said not impressed by their attitude and wants to 'take it to the wire'.  I honestly do not know who would mess with Owner when in this fighting mood but suffice to say (do like that word suffice) when protecting aged sibling, Owner will go all out.   Then followed this visit up by the usual double whammy of aged parent.  Owner reports this went Ok as both a bit hysterical plus the staff joined in which always helps.  Aged parent met with the home's hairdresser and Owner likened this to a heavyweight come back fight.  Mohammed Ali move over!  Think it was a draw.  So left there with manic smile nicely in place folks.
Final para methinks.  There is a small offering of entertainment tonight in the shape or should I say disguised as Enders then Holby City that nice hospital drama where doctors lose their hands in nasty collisions saving other nice doctors but get no thanks for it and may never get to play Doctors again but will have counselling and save the world.  As for Enders, we, or Owner, no we, are fed up with the storyline about strange and manic looking Michael, his willing half his age girlfriend Alice and the ex wifey all caught up in a strange twisted plot, where even the baby (his daughter) may be planning behind backs.  We love it!  Plus I have to share, that Masterchef which Owner adores because one of her heroes Michel thingy is in it, well it is to return.  It may help Owner overcome her fight against nearly everyone who is in the way of her having a peaceful time of it.  In the meantime I want you all to go steady out there.  Ruggles?  Glad you asked because he may be patiently waiting for his teatime.  I must go and check.  Big love wonka x