Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day Trip thursdee

Wonka here.  Well a perfect autumnal day here folks.  Yes blue sky, trees on the turn from yellow to orange and red, a crisp feel to the air.  Ooh I sound like a poet!!  And although I can't report that Owner exactly sprung up this morning, she did get up nicely.  yes and then a shout for work at the old place again.  Are we popular or are we popular?  To cap it all, Owner reports went on a day trip to a chocolate shop in York and got to know the history of choc plus taste some and buy some!  good old Rowntrees, and Terry, and Fry and all of them!!

Fresh para and yes you guessed it there is a photoshoot but not of chocolate but of Owner's beloved Rowntree fruitgums:
Owner says she loves it and it does look mouthwatering.  Just don't tell the nice dentist and while we are on the subject Owner is fearful that nice dentist will leave because he is kind and gentle (this signals leaving).  We have prayed on it and that is all we can do folks.

Fresh para.  as a small matter of interest you may want to hear about one of my toys.  yes the clear plastic ball with the miniscule balls in it to make it jingle.  Well it broke in half last night and it wasn't me.  Then Owner finds it in two halves,  Eventually finds the two halves that is and then begins the search for the miniscule things that were inside it.  Then finds them without glasses on.  then in the gloom of the morning before it gets light did Owner put the two halves together with the miniscule things inside and snaps it shut!  Throw down for me.  next thing, is it back in two halves and no sign of miniscule things. Leaves on table all day whilst gadding about stroke working.  Comes home, begins search for half of the clear plastic ball and miniscule things.  Finally finds the half obscured by Kermit toy.  Carefully lifts two halves plus miniscule things and sellotapes all together for me.  proudly throws on floor and I say where are the jingly ball things?  They have vanished into thin air.  Mystery.  Will do photoshoot tomorrow if you still awake of said toy.  I still love it.

Final para.  tonight we have Enders and wait for Michael to be killed stone dead,  or Alice.  We'll see,  Then folks it is the American hex factor and hoping against hope that the good judges have selected their final singers.  Would be singers.  We love it.  Now please go steady out there in the world.  Ruggles popped early and had a big treat of good as it looks Felix his new favourite.  yes I may starve at this rate, only joking folks!  Big love Wonka x