Friday, 11 October 2013

Got there Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes it is autumn out there and this morning when Owner came to, it seemed darker too.  Soon be Halloween and Owner will dress up the window.  No! you thought I would say she is dressing up (and there is another joke there but we are not going there no).  Dressing up the window means putting a few bits and bobs there like a witches hat thing and a rat who has light up eyes.  We love it.  Fresh para

Now today tripped on by as far as I know without any big deals going on.  Biggest deal was the Buddleia blew over yet again, Owner said would put some twine round it (hasn't) and when opened up the shed this morning was Ruggles snuggled up on the car seat with the hot water bottle under him nicely.  This I'll have you all know cheered Owner up more than anything else.  He woke up late afternoon for some tea time and trotted off.

Fresh para.  I have found a new nesting place slap up against the radiator, it is fab.  The news today is all on about rises in electric and gas and what does Owner do?  She turns it on constant instead of timer.  I WILL NOT BE COLD! is her mantra come the winter months, well hang on, Autumn actually.  So whilst all else are being economic, or just plain being brave and wrapping up, Owner is costing us a fortune and sending the utilities companies on a cruise round the world.  I dare say she'll have it carved on her gravestone if she has one, that mantra (not being cold) or, she'll have the other favourite 'what's the point of that?'

Final fresh para.  last night luckily we found the American hex Factor was on, and we did watch bits of it, with nice Simon smiling away and far from the churlish judge he used to be when he was doing our UK version of it, which is still going of course and we are hooked on that too.  if only they will all stop crying long enough to sing we'll love it.  tonight we have no corrie as it is replaced by footie and that means just Enders folks.  We dread to think what the storyline may be, but there is a big black man laying in a hospital bed needing a kidney and his nice son who he has just reunited with was going to be a donor but isn't now.  Well really.  I dare say we will get through the evening.  Now I want all you folks out there to have a wonderful evening and it is the weekend of course too.  I must go as need a nap by the hotter than hot radiator.  Big love Wonka x