Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Woeful Wednesdee

Wonka here.  without further ado I have to announce a general depression just about everywhere and what is to blame?  Relentless rain and grey skies folks.  I have my work cut out now trying to cheer Owner on and remind her of the positives.  I do like to list them as you know, and while I'm struggling with this we'll have a fresh para.

Up-date alert on Ruggles!  Did he turn up last night on the good back door step just as Owner battening down hatches.  then what you say?  Owner let Ruggles in that is then what.  And blow me down if he didn't settle on the door mat by the said back door with one paw outstretched as if to say DONT COME NEAR ME (I know I've missed out an apostrophe but Ruggles doesn't speak like that he is a bit rough and ready) (unlike me - blimey a double bracket going on).  So what does Owner do?  Only move half the house round so instead of having an early night, did she mess about with cat trays, saucers and doors and bits of paper.  Oh yes I thought, we are in for a good night's sleep here then!!  Up and down, down and up, having nightmares and then letting him out at 2 am.  No wonder Owner in funny mood! And we haven't seen him since either so Owner will worry on top of being in a funny mood.  That's twice I've said that, I must watch out.

Last final para.  Positives?  Owner has got a bit motivated and gone to a nice agency in case they want her for just about anything really but hats off because it was raining really hard at the time.  Sent a parcel back to whence it came via the post office without being rude and losing temper.  Been invited to a bonfire night spectacular.   Me?  thanks for asking, well I'm not keen on fireworks all that horrid banging I don't get it, and Owner does fret over us on the night.  Hang on that's a negative, pardon me!  Now tonight we shall try and cheer up with Corrie X 1,   Owner has just gasped with pleasure as it is on for a full hour (thank you God) and then it is that nice Cilla Black on about her life.  We love it.  Top news is that England footie team managed to win a match and get into the world cup thingy next year.  Whatever!  Now please enjoy your evenings wherever you are in the world or the world cup even!  Big love Wonka x