Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Alls Well Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Yet another beauty day here we cannot and must not grumble as these blue skies and little crispy feel to the air continue.  It does help Owner get up in the morning!  now you will all be wondering about the little sketches and paintings she has been doing and mostly of me of course.  Some of them we must save for Christmas!  But here is one of the North Bay specially for you:
That is a good beach flag dead centre and some people with dogs to the right and that is the sea at the top and the beach and then the railings.  We love it.  You can just imagine it the hot sun making it hard to see with that sort of white glare and the sea just trickling out and trickling in, with that gentle rushing sound, maybe a gull or two on the water and a happy dog barking.  Summer.

Fresh para.  Quite worn out with all that description folks!!  now as a gentle reminder to you all, do not forget to read all about me will you,  and I promise to let you know about new 'Christmas Catrol'.   Mr Dickens would approve that's all I'm saying.  Now today I was enjoying myself like you do with a little nibble of breakfast and telling Owner I was starving every other minute, when did she suddenly get the hoover out.  I should have known yesterday after the purchase of hoover bags, so despite her giving me a one hour warning (standing the hoover unplugged in the dining room) I quite rightly recognised it as the monster it really is and made a dash for it.  Even then did Owner come into the room with it and hoover nearby.  I'VE NEARLY FINISHED she shouted so I could hear above the monster.   Had to sleep all afternoon to get over it.

Final para.  Owner decided to go out and visit aged sibling and parent the usual ridiculous and tortuous (love that word I must use it more often) double whammy, but came home with all senses intact and not crying.  I have been fed yes and on the look out for Ruggles.  Owner had lovely surprise this morn as he curled up on the good car seat in the shed on the new hot water bottle (Owner changed as other one ready to burst.  Possibly this is why Ruggles the discerning cat did not lay on it).  Tonight we have one offering of Corrie which has suffered from storylines of Tina getting onto Tracey, plus good Nick going a bit balmy like you do after a near death experience from his evil brotherly brother David.  We have saved an episode of that nice casualtee from Satdee as a back up.  Now all of you must go steady out there in the World.  big love Wonka x