Sunday, 20 October 2013

Slow Sundee

Wonka here.   Change of weather folks it went mild and blowy out there what some would call a good washing day!  Yes Owner shifted up a gear, did another washing close on top of the last one (where will it all dry I wondered) looked outside (looked like rain early doors) but thought it will brighten up.  and it did!  If only Owner had given as much thought to the heating and what she was wearing!  Yes it was too  hot and so was she.

Fresh para.  Now third cover of the Wonka series:
There we are folks! Ah you say, and who is this?  That was our beloved Golly who looked after Owner before I blew in through the good back door.  he used to wash me round and let me eat all his tea up if he didn't want it.  We loved him and now he is in the next room as they call it, that's Heaven folks, with St Francis.  yes.  Put those hankies away!

Must have a fresh para.  Now last night how we didn't end up in a muddle I don't know as we switched from the dancing which was fab, and that nice Judge Craig who tells everyone they were ghastly darling, well he is to have a new hip!  We do love him and wish him well with that one.  and who is our favourite?  We still love Abby and her partner Ali something, but we do love Pasha too and that nice Big Ben rugby chappie.  Women?  Fiona of course.  Now on with the Hex Factor and Owner spoke of disappointment.  Why I said?  Not as good this week and her favourite group let her down (Rough copy - I know I thought what is this name also.)  We have caught up with Casualtee which had Owner weeping all the way through!  Again we love it we do.  Now Ruggles did trot round for his teatime and fairly rushed off before he had finished in case Owner held him captive for hours on end.  I ask you!  we await his presence tonight folks.  Now tonight we say a special prayer for one of my cousins, Demi dog (don't ask she is a cat naturally) who lives with Owner's daughter and is in her twilight years.  yes.  Suffice to say (love that word) she is booked in with St Francis.  Now have a lovely evening all of you out there in the world, we will be tucked up watching results show X 2 and then that lovely Drama Downton where all the slaves run the nice big house.